$1500 Aussie Build

Hi all!


Well, basically, I'm building my new rig, and my budget is around $1500, although going over a bit isn't gonna kill me.


There are a couple of things I was looking for,


I love the H440, so if we can fit that into the budget that would be awesome! Also, no need for a HDD, as I have a spare 2 TB Barracuda, so that;ll be ok.


And for all you lazy people here is the link to the Aussie PCPartPicker -



Thanks in advance!


Personally id go with a Gainward GPU but pcpartspicker didn't have them. I have a Gainward GTX760 and they're on sale from pc case gear at the moment for $250 so for the extra $70 I would get two Gainward 760's or save yourself 30 bucks and get the Gainward Golden Sample GTX770

http://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/deejeta/saved/4ngG + grab a few blue bitfenix cable extensions (pcie, eps, 24pin) & the rig will look mean as. Included a decent ssd, omission of that and you could grab a 780 or r290 instead.