$1500 - $1600 Gaming Computer

I am going to graduate highschool soon, and I am most likely going to run into some decent money.  I was wondering what might be the best build I could make off a $1500 - $1600 budget with only one constraint.  I would like the case to be a Corsair Vengeance military green C70.  Any help would be much appreaciated, the graduation is going to be in 5 days, so I would prefer to have a build by then. 

There are new pieces of hardware coming out in a couple of weeks. I know you want to treat yourself and play games all Summer, but I would wait until that time to get the better stuff. Do you need peripherals included? Keyboard/monitors. It would be quite easy to build a gaming rig for that amount of money, including the C70

I am fine with waiting, so that's ok.  I have the peripherals that I will need.  All I need now is the rig.  I was looking to start a youtube channel, possibly even a monetized one if it goes well.  I guess I should have said that earlier, but I will also need to do a bit of recording, editing, and rendering.  It is going to be more centered around Let's Plays, so I will be playing a fair amount of games, so hdd and ssd space will be important.  Past that, I just need performance to run games on high-ish quality, maybe even Crysis 3 if possible. 

What size are you looking for?


Size? (Sorry, I'm a noob at building computers)

Do you want a big motherboard, with lots of room for expansion, or a tiny one, medium, standard - what do you want?

Big.  I would like to have a bit of future-proofing if possible.



Up to 3-way SLI/CF (CF for the 7950), which is plenty, up to 64GB of RAM, a lot of options for CPU upgrades, and very solid overclocking. Plus, a massive cooler to OC with, as well as a great case with nice airflow. Pretty solid rig :)

Thanks for the help.  Looks awesome!