144Hz monitor maxes out at 75Hz (DisplayPort)

Yes. At least I can’t see anything from the options below that could cause the problem.

Game Mode: sRGB
Game Adjust:

  • Overclock: off
  • Adaptive Sync / FreeSync / G-Sync compatible: on and off (tested with both)
  • Black Stabilizier: greyed out
  • Response Time: greyed out
  • Cross Hair: turned off

Picture Adjust:

  • Brightness: 30
  • Contrast: 70
  • Sharpness: greyed out
  • Gamma: greyed out
  • Color Temp: greyed out
  • R/G/B: greyed out
  • Six Color: greyed out
  • Black Level: greyed out
  • DFC: greyed out


  • Input: DisplayPort
  • Ratio: Full Wide
  • Auto Input Switch: On


  • Waves Maxx Audio: On-ear
  • Language: English
  • Smart Energy Saving: Low
  • Lightning Option: Turn Off Lightning (when turning off the monitor)
  • Power LED: Off
  • Automatic Standby: 4h
  • HDMI Compatibility: greyed out
  • DisplayPort Version: 1.4
  • Local Dimming: Auto
  • Variable Backlight: greyed out
  • Buzzer: On
  • OSD Lock: Off

Just to make extra sure, the factory defaults don’t resolve the problem.

Just checked on Wikipedia: FreeSync started with the Radeon Rx 200 series ( GCN 2nd gen)

I’m using a single DP cable. The monitor has one DP and two HDMI connections.

About freesync, i meant actual mainstream support. Which came way later than RX 200 series, at that time it wasnt even named freesync, but adaptive-vsync. Whatever doesnt solve the issue here.

Well… There are some other options. There is a tool on windows called CRU utility, that enables custom refresh rates and resolutions. Which is definetly worth a try and could be cool too see what it comes up with on that monitor.


Before going the CRU utility route, is there perhaps an update for your monitor through LG support or something. Maybe a driver or monitor update/issue?

Ok. I just found something curious.

  • HBR3 (8.10 Gbit/s per lane)
  • HBR2 (5.40 Gbit/s per lane)

The AMD software tells me the monitor is using 5.40 Gbit/s x 4 which means the monitor is connected via HBR2. The question is, why is it not using HBR3 like it should use?

Not sure what HBR was in this matter. As it sounded like an encoder or something, like one of those the OBS software uses. VFR,HBR etc.

Anyway a search came up with displayport standards, would be cool if it had a list of supported video cards. As it seems that not all graphics cards offer the same support.

It could still be a myriad of things causing the issue and not everyone seems to be getting higher than 60hz on that specific monitor. Anyhow it does kind of sound like its being narrowed down to the rx 480, but to make sure. Research it before upgrading the card to/if something else.

TL:DR. Try to research the rx 480 card, to see if it supports the displayport configuration you’re using. In your case, if the card supports DP 1.3/4

Did you already try a different dp cable?

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That’s what I was going to suggest. Aside from club 3d which is what wendell suggested, there’s also this cable @zenstrata suggested in a recent thread

The RX480 supports DP 1.4.

Like stated in the original post: “I checked it with the cable that came with the monitor and with the following cable

Ok, can still list some things that may be causing the problem…

Surely you’ve tried both first/second displayport output on the graphics card, yes?

Have u tried the other dp options in the OSD menu of the monitor? Like 1.1 and 1.2 just to see if it makes a difference or not.

Are u using the integrated usb-hub on the monitor? If yes, try disabling/removing or changing the USB cable. Otherwise for troubeshooting purposes, do not use the usb-hub at all.

Do u know any other people that have the same monitor without having the issue you’re having? If so you could ask for some information that way to see if for example the EDID code of the monitor matches yours.

The vbios output the amd software puts out has what looks like a pretty generic number. Maybe to generic (May be mistaken) But was the card bought used? If so it could have been replaced with a mining optimized vbios and windows could have problems replacing it the ‘normal way’ (With automatic driver install) if the card has a manually updated vbios.

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I’m not familiar with the seller. Can you confirm this is a genuine cable and not a knock-off? On Amazon, we have experienced a lot of non-genuine parts being sold in the US, so I am wondering if that happened to you.

Have you tried running it at 120hz? The DisplayPort 1.4 spec provides a total maximum data rate of 25.92Gbps, and [email protected] requires 26.54Gbps of bandwidth, at 8 bits per pixel. If you go to 10 bits per pixel, the requirement jumps to 31.85Gbps

I honestly don’t know how LG expects that display to be driven at 144hz, native resolution and HDR. Maybe DSC 1.2? I’m not that familiar with that feature though.

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There is software available for Windows that might be of help. There could also be a firmware update for the monitor. Read the Control Center manual to learn more.

Either way, it kinda looks like you are using HDMI or something as it maxes out at 10-bit 75Hz.

Yeah, you would need a Turing GPU or Navi Gen 1 GPU to test that like the GTX 1660 or the RX 5500 XT. If the 1660 or 5500 XT hits 144hz, then it’s definitely a DP DSC 1.2 issue.

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OP was pretty clear about using DisplayPort.

I tested that cable, too. Nope, no change.

I’ve tried using DP 1.2, but it does not change anything.

Already did that, no change.

Nope, the card was bought new.

I’ve checked the EAN and UPC-Codes on the package and they are the same as the one the website lists. There is also a QR code on the package that goes to the website. Not the best way to check it, but I don’t know of any other way. Thought I guess, when testing 3 DP 1.4 cables, one should do the job if it’s the cable.

Windows does not allow me to run the monitor at 120Hz. 75Hz is the max for non-HDR usage on Windows.

Nope, I’m using DP. Tested with the DP cable that came with the monitor, the club3D cable (EAN: 8719214470821, UPC: 841615101016)

That could take a while when looking at the current prices of any GPU.

Sadly I don’t know any other person using the same monitor. I know a friend of mine had problems with certan monitors and an RX 580, thought. Not sure what monitor it was, I only know that it was not the one I’m using.

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Have u tried any of the LG software? Which may include firmware updates to the monitor. Here’s a link to the windows 10 version

If the monitor reviews are correct on amazon, not everyone gets above 60hz on that monitor, perhaps hardware/firmware issues on specific models/shipments/batches.

LG should support RMA on those with those errors, but no idea if LG actually does that.

Otherwise, the CRU utility for windows could be useful to see if u can force the monitor in certain resolutions instead of having to still keep troubleshooting the monitor.


If it’s not a software, OS, driver or cable issue. There is only firmware/hardware left. So updating the firmware somehow, either manually or through LG/other software may fix the bandwith problem (HBR3 connectivity)

Last but not least, maybe the monitor you’ve ordered has not been delivered with the advertised specifications or rather the support will be added at an later date. Which does actually happen in some cases. It could also mean, the monitor actually can’t work at advertised hz and resolution. Even though it says so on the box.

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Considering you do not have a DSC compatible GPU, you could try chroma subsampling, using YPbPr at 4:2:2 in limited range and 8 bit.

As others are recommending, limiting display ranges could also work. That way it may some or much load of the bandwith and thereby display a prefferred resolution at an acceptable speed or in your case, what you’ve actually payed for.

That’s also why CRU utility was recommended, unfortunately i dont remember if it allows limiting / changing those kind of ranges. Still a nice utility for general usage or troubleshooting

You can also use a reduced blanking interval (CVT-RBv2) in this calculator: Video Timings Calculator

I would try that with chroma subsampling, and using 8bit instead of 10bit.

Hm… just figured out, physically disconnecting my old monitor which only supports Display Port HBR2 and using the Club3d cable allows me to reach 144Hz. Thought at least under Linux (did not yet had the time to test it under Windows), the frame sometimes freezes or the picture turns black when I use that specific monitor with 144Hz with my GPU.

Important to note here is that the monitor does not lose the signal to the GPU!

Ah, this means the DP output is locked into a specific transfer mode. This means you may have to use the HDMI port for your older monitor.

Multi GPU with X server is a nightmare, do not even attempt it. On Windows though it is possible.

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Has anyone else have any problems with only the one monitor? I can’t seem to push mine above 75Hz at full res on popOS whether on X11 or Wayland. I’ve tried with multiple 1.4 DP cables. I am running a ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Edge for my GPU.

@ShadowDragon Have you had more findings since 2021?