How would Radeon 6950 1gb crossfire handle 1440p.  I play a Battlefield 3, Skyrim (a lot of skyrim), CS:GO, and the witcher 1 and 2 recently.  I won't buy the monitor untill the crossfire fix comes out which is apparently July 30th or something like that.  I want to see how much of an improvement it is.

Fine at low settings, but it would collapse and die at most anything above low to medium without AA.

okay, guess im not getting a 1440p monitor until the 9000 series comes out

This should give you an idea. I'm not sure what the equivalent on this chart is to crossfire 6950, but you should have some notion on where it would sit. My guess is that you might be able to do it with your current hardware, actually.



according to anandtech it can run Metro 2033 at DX11 Very High Quality + Analytical AA/16xAF at 2560x1600 at 40fps.  This is also with old drivers.   


I have a 6850 that I run at 1440. BF3 - I can mix and match settings to get a decent frame rate, mostly medium/low settings, some high. This does around 42 fps. MSAA murders fps, so I just cut that and I'm alright. If I put everything at low I get around 50/55 fps. Skyrim - I can run fine on high settings without mods. I haven't checked but I'd estimate somewhere in the mid to high 40s. CS:GO - No problems maxed out, same as all the source games. Haven't tried the Witcher series so no comment. I'd imagine 6950s would perform a good bit better than this. 

I've reverted to gaming on my 1080p 21.5" for the time being so I can run mods for skyrim; having problems with my Shimian anyways.