1440p or 4K?

I don't know which monitor to chose, here are what I was thinking:

http://benq.co.uk/product/monitor/gw2765ht (1440p / £280)

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Acer-Professional-B286hk-Monitor-100000000/dp/B00MN2OKKO (4K / can get for £282)

From what I see, the 4K monitor is better value, simply because more pixels, but, will this negatively impact FPS? And, can I run the 4K monitor on 1440p if I want more FPS?

Thanks for all the help.

What GPU are you using?
Why don't you look at Freesync?
Now my short answer would be 1440 for gaming...
However there is another option...
Get 4K. At it, you run heavy games at 1080p. Since 1080 is perfect quarter of 4K, you will have perfectly sharp image. Running 4k at 1440 is not at all good and there will be a large loss of visual quality.
But if I had the money and the choice was mine, I would go for 1440, since even midrange cards like 380 will run 1440 with fairly decent framerate.

I'm using MSI 290X
I've never really wanted or seen a reason to get Freesync.
But the 4K monitor is 28" instead of 27" and it is much better value. What do you think?
I don't game very heavily, I mainly play Heroes of the Storm, Heroes and Generals, Hearthstone.

The fact that the B286hk panel does 4K @ 60Hz is impressive. Given that the other option has the same refresh rate and with a longer response time I personally would pick the Acer panel just because of the overall smoother performance.

That's what I was thinking, however, I don't know how well the 4K panel performs in terms of how the colours are etc.

Well it's a TN panel so naturally its color reproduction won't be as good as an IPS panel. But then this is essentially a function over form usage case. Provided the framerates are sustained and the backlighting is fairly even it should be a pleasant experience.

1440p for life

I will NEVER EVER go back to TN aftwer using PLS/IPS. the loss in quality simply just isnt worth it for me

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How different is it? Would you turn down a 4K panel that's 1" bigger and the same price and spec as a 1440p monitor?

I thought the Acer was some kind of bargain, thats the reg price eh.

4K panels are not the cheap. and when they are they're probably a reason for it. It's a TN panel, TN typically don't have accurate or bright colors and have terrible angles.

it would seem your only paying for pixels

the BenQ listed is IPS, good color, good angles

What do you mean?

But I don't really care about bad angles. I just want a solid, good value panel.

£486.99 from amazon

£289 from elsewhere

Ohh yeah, great saving.

4K on a screen less than 32 inches is a waste of money but if you do go for 4K at less than 32" ensure you sit really close and have decent eye sight or your going to be struggling with text. Same reasoning as why would you want a 4K or 1440p screen on a mobile phone as it is just silly.

My pref' resolution is 1440p, reasoning is I bought in order:

  1. DELL Ultrasharp 3007WFP 30" Widescreen LCD Monitor @ 2560 x 1600
    Good monitor, however these were the days I sat quite close to my screen, so resolution was fine.

  2. 1080p TV @ 42" x 2
    After a little getting used to the size, and adjusting to sitting about 2 to 4ft away from the screens, I loved this experience for work and gaming

  3. Samsung 32D850D 32" @ 1440p x 2
    Very nice monitors, however was a bit hard to go back to smaller 32 inch screens

  4. Philips 40" 4K monitor
    Love it, really love it, 4K is good, but I found I was more comfortable with it at 1440p and my my 2 Samsung 32" 1440p monitors on either side are a really good setup

I would recommend either the Samsung 32" or the BENQ 32" @ 1440p, a good large monitor makes one hell of a difference.

go with the ips one you'll be happier
If it's not ips it's useless

As someone with a 27" 4K monitor, I'd recommend going 1440. There are a lot of scaling issues with 4K still, steam is so tiny I get a headache trying to read it. Other programs are just plain unusable & you end up having to switch back to 1440 anyway.

And as others have said, definitely go with IPS if you can, it's a much nicer experience.

Thanks for all the responses, and as much as I want to go for the 4K monitor due to the good price. I think I'll go for 1440p.

Thanks! :)