1440p Monitor recommendations?

Hey folks!

Now with my new graphics card arriving in the mail soon -ish (G1 980 Ti), I am planning on getting a new monitor during fall, I decided to go with 2560x1440 resolution. For the size I'd prefer it to be 27 inches. I am not sure if G-Sync is worth it though. I live in Finland and I would not like to go over 500 euros on the thing but if there are compelling enough reasons, I might.
Oh yeah, I'd like IPS over TN.

I play games and occasionally edit some photos, my current monitor is ASUS MX279H and it has a few dead pixels and is 1080p, I think otherwise it's been good.

If games matter here are some I play: Dota 2, Warframe, Arma 3, GTAV, Terraria.

Well if you can ship from the uk part picker in some way this was the cheapest, and it has a nice stand

That seems really good but I will wait for other recommendations. I definitely got my eyes on that one.

PB278Q :D Very nice panel!

That's probably going to be the best you'll find unless you can find overclockable korean monitors
the lowest G-sync one was 570

Totally shoulda waited to see the fury cards man, free-sync's generally cheaper.

120 less from the looks of it

Yeah I understand but went nVidia this time, haven't owned one in a decade.

You went for the G1 Gaming eh? I was considering that, but I went with the Zotac AMP! Edition GTX 980 Ti, been really impressed the the overclocking and silence, I keep having to open my case and make sure the fans are still working even on load lol.. BTW PB278Q is probably the best 1440p panel 500$ USD and under, not sure how that converts to euros.

Yeah I will go with that PB278Q most likely now that I've compared these.
The AMP!'s silence really impressed me but I went with this one because I think it was a bit cheaper, I heard G1 coilwhines but I hope mine won't be too noticeable, luckily I got damping in my FD case.

PB278Q is a pretty good monitor. It's just over the 16ms total lag which is pretty good but according to TFTCentral's definition it does cause 1 frame total lag.

Here's a list that may help discover other options if you are still looking.

That's assuming it's a 60Hz panel, yes (1/60th a second = 16 and 2/3 of a millisecond).

Dunno. I don't pay attention to that stuff, I buy, try it out, if I don't notice any lag, I keep it, or if it blows, I send it back :P haha

It's 5ms GTG though.

There are also the Korean monitors that are brought up on The Tek from time to time.

A link to all the 1440p monitors HERE.

Acer G257HU smidpx. $279US on Amazon.

I've been using this monitor for a couple months and it has been absolutely phenomenal. Not a single dead pixel. I've been using the HDMI cable that came in the box at full 60hz. The color, contrast ratio, minimal bezel - everything is simply gorgeous. At 1440p and 4ms response time for less $300 this monitor is a steal.

Eh, I don't trust those Korean monitors, always had bad experiences with them. Anything that spends weeks shipping across the world, especially a monitor is sketchy. =/

I never liked smaller than 27" for 1440p, seems to small for me, some may like it though.

Not too sketchy, others reviews and my personal experience as evidence.

Yeah it would preferably be 27 inches but that looks like an awesome monitor. Maybe for a secondary one. =)

Is it worth it to wait for the Asus PG279Q, with 2160x1440p resolution, 27" size, IPS, and G-Sync capabilities?

I've never had good experience with the korean ebay monitors.