1440p @ 60hz vs 1080p @ 120hz

What would you rather have to compliment your system? A high res panel, demanding a high end card at 60hz, or a 1080p monitor with a 120/144hz refresh rate?

I'd go for more pixels in this case, there's not too much difference between 120hz and 60hz to the naked eye anyways.

What can i say? i like realestate

It's just a shame that manufacturers are still focusing on 1080p monitors, when they could be bringing competetive pricing to the 2560x1440/1600 market.

Manufacturers need to make 1080p the new standard for 15in+ laptops. 1366x768 is not an even 16:9 or 16:10 and it is really getting outdated in terms of pixel density.I'm fine with 1366x768 on sub 14in laptops as things will get too damn tiny. They need to start pushing 1440p screens, especially in TVs i cannot stand seeing pixels from 10ft away on a 50'in