140TB /dev/core Fedora

So this isn't an issue of extreme concern, as nothing seems to be happening as a result of this but regardless I am quite confused. Anyways, I was messing around on my computer when I saw that I have a file on my ssd that is 140.7TB more specifically, as the title says, /dev/core... and this is on a laptop with a 32gb drive. As I said this file doesn't seem to be actually causing any issues, but even with that said, it would be nice to know what is going on.
So if anyone has an idea as to what this might be, input would be greatly appreciated.

Afaik /dev/core is a symlink that shows how much ram can be allocated, so in all sense it should show how much ram you've got installed, and since everything is a file, it shows up as a file.
Why it's 140TB no idea... the max amount for 64bit systems is 128TB so 128 would make sense if it was reserved as max amount or something, but 140? I also want to know what causes it... unless 140TiB = 128TB...

Ok, that makes sense, but like you said 140tb is still pretty odd... If it helps anyone, I only have 4gb of ram