1366 Overclocking (Xeon)

Could someone link to a guide on how to overclock on the 1366 platform, because i've seen and read that it's not just put in a number and make the voltage work with it. It would be a nice read if someone knows their shit :D

This probably contains stacks of useful information;

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It kinda still is 'just put in a number and tweak voltage as needed'. Change FSB, set your RAM one step down (1333 to 1066 for example) then keep working up from there. Maybe change DRAM voltage to 1.6v if needed, but otherwise it's all about FSB and vCore.

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But like the PCIe does get overclocked aswell, how do you counter that?

Disable FSB - PCI-E parity. Most boards built to overclock will have a setting that locks the PCI-E base clock but allows the FSB to be modified.

And by most boards I mean all the ones I've seen with PCI-E and an overclocking menu. Even old 939 boards from 2005.

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