1337 $800 Gaming PC for my bud

$800 budget, and I have a few requirements. I live in Canada and really would like to stick around that price point. Idgaf the retailers, because NCIX will pricematch anyone. Its for my idiot, erm, unexperienced friend, so $50 must be minused from the budget for assembly. I'd like nvidia and AMD options but rather nvidia/intel for free games, shadowplay and good form factor. A nice case (bitfenix prodigy m is sxy) is required. Windows 8 is required, pirating is NOT an option. Will be gaming and recording while also editing some gaming videos for a ghetto channel.


Builds so far:





It'll be difficult to get the Intel build around 800 dollars without compromising performance.  If you go Ivy Bridge and an HD 7950, you could save around 100 bucks.


Is an and CPU/nvidia GPU build an option?

Also, he is willing to consider atx options ($50 bitfenix survivor case)

This is the build i'm going to be buying soon. A lot of people say its pretty damn good for the money.


Looks pretty good.   I would go with an HD 7950 if you could find one at a similar price, as it has 3GB of VRAM and similar performance.

Yeah, I'm aware of the 7950. It's just the price of the 7950s are really high now and I see no reason to not get a 760 seeing as they are dropping in price. But if the budget allows, go for an Asus 7950, an MSI 7950, or a Sapphire 7950. Those are usually the best quality card manufactures for AMD cards.

Oops, completely neglected that you are in Canada and not US. Figures our currencies are different -_-

You can forget my post earlier about my build. 

Sorry :)

http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/1ZXBL $818 with assembly