£1300 z87 build


So I've been saving up for a few months and I'm looking to build my first gaming PC asap. I already have a 250gb HDD from my old laptop and my mate got a new case so he sold me his old one (650D) cheap (£45, not included in price). I know I want a 4770k, but I'm unsure about everything else, I wouldn't mind a gtx 780 even though according to my mate the gtx 770 Is better value, but I don't know which version. But If I do get a cheap 780 from Scan.co.uk that leaves me with about £480 for the motherboard, RAM, PSU and a small SSD and I have no Idea about any of these things. I plan on OC'ing the CPU when I next get payed with a H100 and setting up a SSD cache (or whatever It's called) but have no idea about which motherboard Is good for that stuff and affordable. I can afford to go £100 over the OG price but would prefer not to.

I'm hoping to max out most current games and be able to play some next gen title at decent settings.

I already have a good monitor (1080p), an acceptable kb/m and access to a windows 8 key.

Thanks In advance.

On the GPU front I think the 770 is good value for what it is, it's essentially a rebadged 680, but a bit more over clocked. (I think)

Can't really comment on the rest of the build though. Someone will chip in! 

Forgot to mention the 770 is cheaper than the 680 too, well at least it is where I've been looking, but like I say I could be wrong. 

My 770 is a beast, runs super quiet. Haven't overclocked it yet though.