$1300 gaming PC build

im trying to keep this build under $1300 with a moniter and keyboard (i'm gonna try out some different mice). What are your thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!


changed a few things*


You might be able to tone down the aftermarket cooler a bit, even if you are overclocking.  750W is overkill unless you plan on getting SLI (and even then 650W might be enough); however, it's nice and cheap so you could stick with it.  I personally like the 7950, but the 670 is excellent as well.  That's just my input and I'm new to PC building so make sure to read other posts.

I have to back up what chelate said about the cooler as well as the power supply. Unless you have your heart absolutely set on water cooling, then an air cooler will be perfectly sufficient with comparable temps for cheaper. Look into a CM Hyper 212 Evo, Hyper 212 Plus or Xigmatex Dark Knight II; the former are cheaper but all are very good choices. You may be able to save a bit of money dropping your wattage to 600 or 650 without running into power problems. You can look into a lower wattage Corsair TX series or something from SeaSonic or XFX.