$1300 Build,Opinions and Suggestions?

Here it is http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Rb4O

I just want some opinions and some suggestions if anyones got any.

Very well picked!, However I would ditch the fans, the Define R4, is an amazingly cooled and silent case by it's own, you are loosing all of the superb silence by adding so much low end fans.

And btw, don't you like better this monitor? Is IPS, but very fast indeed, great for gaming, you might wanna check the reviews over the internet! Only 180 bucks!


I'm guessing he is going to be gaming(with the 7970) so a TN would be better for that. 

DON'T get the R4 fans, I have some and they are very very loud, get the Corsair AF120s Quiet Edition fans, no point of replacing the included fans(they are pretty good), just get one for the palces that don't have fans already. 
I actually think getting more fans is good becasue then you can run them at low speed at all the time. And that 7970+8350 combo will be pumping out TONS of heat. 


PSU is a bit overkill, but that is a good price. 

So other than that, good build! Later get a mechanical keyboard when you have money!

wow thanks that is such a beautiful monitor but do i really need a IPS monitor?what whould it change for gaming? i love how theres basically no border around the screen itself.

Id rather not pay almost $20 per fan so is there any other cheapish fans that you know of that are quiet/silent? Yeah the psu is overkill but ever 650w costed more that i looked at so i went with that one. I almost went with a 850w so later on i could add another 7970 but i dont plan on upgrading for a while.

These are pretty good at $12 a fan. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835553002

If you can stand the colors, these are the ones to get. 

Thanks i found 140mm cougar vortex fans and im looking at some fan controllers so i can controll them.


Build Logan's Honey Badger.... (Unless you are only useing it for gaming... In which case the AMD build would eat it for lunch... I would also recommend asking yourself if gaming is really worth $1300?)

You don't need IPS for gaming, but against TN they really stand out, I use my system not only for gaming, I watch movies, browse a lot, and the color difference is amazing.

People doesn't like IPS panels for gaming because they are slow, but the one that I listed is pretty fast in therms of Imput lag and ms. However if you are going for a beastly build, a 120hz TN monitor will make you feel what you payed for.


yeah its worth it i want to be able to play newer games that are coming out,whats the point of buying a computer if im going to have to upgrade it later anyway?


Your build plus

A better cpu cooler= cooler temps

A better motherboard= better lol

An SSD= faster boot times for convience and just to say you have one lol

A Radeon hd 7870 xt= A great gpu that doesn't cost more than an xbox lol