$1300 Build any good?

this is my first pc and i plan on using it for both gaming (Crysis 3 and such) and BitCoin mining. Is this build any good or could it be better?


i understand that i have to much power, but i plan on CrossFireing the graphics cards later to improve my mining (or did i misunderstand how that works).

Also, i had to add in the processor at the bottom under custom parts because they didn't have the AMD FX-9370 listed.

use a fx 8350 and a Corsair HX650 instead of your current proc and psu get a better gpu like an 780 a usb block eruptor will bitcoin mine nearly equal to a gpu anyways and those are like 25 bucks and plug into usb ports http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1YAoH

That balances out rather well. 

What kind of block eruptor would you guys recommend?


NiC5 beats should be just as good as, if not better than the h80i, and will support an 8350 overclock to the higher end AMD cpus (which are basically better binned/higher clocked 8350s anyway). But, if noise is a concern for you, I would reccomend a Xigmatek Dark Knight cooler instead of the Nic C5

The ram I suggested is just as good and is far cheaper

I reccomended a very high quality PSU that will be better suited for your system

I linked a more cost efficient miner than a usb eruptor (same technology, but way more cost efficient when buying a $200 10gH machine vs an array of $13 300mH machines

The NZXT Tempest 410 is an amazing mid tower with an enourmous amount of space, features, cooling, and value for its price. It is as good and useful as most low end full towers (if you dont need larger motherboard support). Although not neccessary, adding two 140mm (or 120, but 140 are better for this) fans two the top of the tower should greatly improve airflow and noticably reduce noice in your system.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Hope I helped.

you could also go with this, quieter, the fastest 780 (beats a stock titan in every game with a little overclock)and 8gb ram (8gb is plenty for even the most demanding games. And you still get the 10ghash miner.