So a few days ago I moved to majority of my PC into a new case (NZXT S340 white), with a new PSU and mobo (NZXT hale550w, MSI 970 gaming am3+) and before overclocking it was running fine, until I did overclock here and there I would jump into the bios and mess around a bit between class and such. So in the bios I have the CPU (oh yea its a fx8320) clocked at 4.1ghz but in cpu-z it was reading 1.4ghz :( and core temp was reading 4.1 across the board, but I knew this wasn't right because running prime 95 only brought it up to 16° C and the vcore was stuck at .8v also skyrim was running like a fat kid going up a hill with rollerblades. So in my friday morning still partialy drunk state I remembered that there was a "slow switch" for ln2 over clocking on my mobo. So I got up while it was still running this morning and just flipped that switch! Yes, I know that wasn't a good idea but nothing bad happened. Since then cpu-z reads 4.1Ghz and 1.22vcore, but CPU temp show an astonishing 12,593.11MHz!! Now every thing runs smooth, but why does CPU temp tell me this? Is it because of the way that could temp gets its data? I thought it was just kinda crazy to even read that, I may have to make some screenshots of prime95 running with CPU temp data.

Edit: before someone thinks I'm crazy with the 16°C CPU temps, my room is really cold and I have a window fan blowing cold new england air right at the front of the case, my idle is 10-11°C

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AMD temperature sensors lie when you are not at full load. Real temperature's won't be below 30 with any above 0 room temperatures.

Well, the Unigine Heaven Benchmark constantly tells me my GPU sits around 6200 °C. These programs are sometimes a fair bit off.
As for your CPU temps. an 8320 with 1.22V and only 4.1GHz will probably sit somewhere in the low 30s at idle, but never at 10-11°C. That's technically and physically impossible. Air-Cooling and/or Watercooling will never be able to cool anything below the ambient temperature of the room because all they do is moving air.
When I was still on a Gigabyte 990FX motherboard my temp readings where pretty messed up as well. That improved a lot moving to an ASUS Sabertooth board.

I just thought it was interesting how cpu temp read such a high clock speed, and i believe that it was running at 11 degrees, because at the time the voltage was at .82. So it was very reasonable for that temp to of been accurate.

Therefore your room would have needed to be at least 7-10 degrees colder than that. So your room has like 4 °C???
Again, with air-or watercooling, the temps of your hardware can NOT be lower than the ambient temperature. Physically impossible unless you use some other cooling agent like liquid nitrogen or something like that. Even when you build your computer inside a fridge, the temps of the heat-emitting hardware will always a bit higher than the temps inside the fridge.
I had CPU-Z tell me completely wrong clock speeds before, but that's usually fixed after a restart.

my room was fucking cold, but yea it might have been wrong i have been particularly baked the last few times i've been on here. Sorry im high again, i should stop writing

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Screw 12ghz. I have a 3300mhz clockspeed :')