128 GB Advice on X570S + 5900X

Pretty much as per title, I’m looking to step to 128 GB on my existing 5900X build, mostly for GNS3 network simulation.

Looking for a cost effective memory kit that will hopefully run me somewhere near 3000 mhz if that’s possible (or if not, as close as I can get to that). Box does do double duty as a gaming rig, but obviously chasing capacity over gaming performance.

Board is a GIGABYTE X570S Aorus Elite AX in case that influences things?

yeah, I know ultimately ThreadRipper or EPYC would be more suitable, but they’re super expensive here and looking to run this base build out for another year or two before replacing it entirely. CPU/Storage wise it’s plenty strong enough, just need more ram for GNS3.

I’m using that board with 128GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX at 3600, so yeah I’d say that’s doable.

Edit: I guess it’s the Pro AX, but whatever. :yay:

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Don’t suppose you happen to have the Corsair kit number? Pretty sure Corsair is available locally and was already on my list of cost effective options, but as we know different speeds/different memory dies = different memory controller suitability, etc.

Amazon hivemind says CMK64GX4M2D3600C18


cheers, the local shop only has a corsair RGB 128GB kit with RGB which is 3200… I’ll keep looking, but great to hear that one you have is working at that speed :slight_smile:

Just checking… that’s a 64 gb kit - did you just get two of those?

128 GB kit part number looks to be: CMK128GX4M4D3600C18 ?

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yep 2 kits :slight_smile:

Yep. I might have got lucky there, but I picked up two of them and popped them in, then switched on the XMP profile in the BIOS.

I would have settled for 3200, but yeah that was pretty much it.

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Guessing the CMK128GX4M4D3600C18 kit is essentially x2 of the 64 gb kit anyway.

According to what I see here:

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yeah but way cheaper :smiley:

its about 120-130 for x2 32gig sets… shit, your on the other side of the planet…
in ausi rubles. yep about $500 :frowning:

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Yeah price is what it is… if you think that’s bad… some thread ripper CPUs here are… 5 figures and special order.

I’ll be claiming it as a tax deduction anyway :slight_smile:

as an aside; anyone looking to learn network stuff and hasn’t checked out GNS3 - do so.

Whilst getting Cisco stuff to run in it is a pain in the ass, the Dell OS10 switch images are freely downloadable (I think from memory? if not you can probably download the open switch platform) and cisco-like enough to give you an actual lab that works pretty similar to cisco (and exact same images you’d run on Dell switches).

Can also put pfsense, linux, docker, etc. in your virtual networks and hook them up to the real world, VMware VMs, etc. if needed


I’m running several x570(s) boards, (asus and MSI) with 5950x and 128GB Corsair 3600 kits.
First go around had an issue or two with them and had to get the kits replaced due to posting issues, but after that, they’ve been rock steady for over 2 years 24/7 use

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make sure to check the QVL list (supported memory list) for your given motherboard + CPU combination;

ymmv but I generally would be hesitant to go with anything not on the list

make sure to run a full Memtest86 run on whatever memory you install, at the desired speeds

The last wave of X570 boards including Gigabyte X570S were/are pretty solid. I’m running 128GB DDR4-3200 CL16, TridentZ NEO, overclocked to 3733 CL18 1.45V on a ProArt X570 without any issues whatsoever. This board launched alongside the Crosshair VIII Extreme and several of ASUS’s X570 “II” boards in mid–late 2021. Obviously YMMV but any high-end board released toward the end of the AM4 lifecycle has a good chance of “just working” with 128GB, especially if the kit is “optimized” for AMD (otherwise you might have to do some manual tuning).


I run this specific kit on a X570 Aorus Master + 5950x system:

Ran at advertised speeds out of the box with no fiddling at all.

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