125watt cpu in 140watt board

Will a 125watt cpu have ANY problems in a 140watt socket


This processor



On this board




you should ask mysteryangel she uses this mobo cpu combo

No she doesn't... She uses the 970 evo and 8350 which is a totally different mobo

Well it would run for about a month and then fry sooooo no. The motherboard your talking about is a 4+1 vrm that is uncooled and doesn't even have the 8 pin cpu power cable that should be mandatory for the 8350. You really want something like a Asus 990fx pro or higher to run a 8350/8320. My recommendation would be to get a Asus 990fx pro and a 8320 in stead of the 8350, since you can save enough money on the 20 vs the 50 to afford the better motherboard. 

My motherboard or mysteryangel

And if it is mine How do you know the voltage regulator where does it say ?


4 +2 Phase Power Design That's what it says ( found where it says it )

Sorry yeah it's a 4+2 but it's still to little for an 8350. The 8350 is a power hungry processor that really needs at least a 6+2 or 8+2 vrm thats cooled to be happy and stable long term. 4+2 that's delivered over a lacking cpu power cable and has no heat sink... That's a recipe for disaster.  

the real issue is that it has no heatsink, and the vrms can get hot as shit even on higher end voltage delivery, so it's not a question of "should you do better" but "how long until it burns out"

The 4 pin cpu power + the 8350 voltages + un cooled 4+ 2 vrm = bomb  

Whats a good board for the very close to the same price


http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-motherboard-m5a99fxpror20 This is the bare minimum board for the 8350/8320. Grab a 8320 instead of the 8350, and you should come out with about the same amount as the bad board and the 8350.

that supports the 8 core 


It supports the 8 cores plus lots of overclocking headroom


maybe this motherboard could be usefull http://pcpartpicker.com/part/gigabyte-motherboard-ga970aud3p

I never, ever recommend that motherboard because it has under sized vrms that are not actually properly attached from the factory. It's a long standing issue that has caused many systems to fail. Even at stock voltages and speeds the vrms over heat.