$1240 - First PC build ever, how does it look?

A friend helped me pick out the parts, but if there's any sneaky way I can pack in more power or shave off some money, I'd love to hear it!


This build is at my absolute budget limit. I can't go over $1250. I live in the US. I've got all the peripherals for now- I'll buy better ones when I can in the future. The monitor I'll be using (until I can get a good one) is just a square 19", if that matters. The Video Card I either plan on replacing with a better one later, or getting a second of the same and Crossfiring. When I save some more money I'll add on a mechanical hard drive.

My main priority is gaming. I want silky smooth performance, ultra-high settings, and more mods than I know what to do with. The first two games I cannot wait to play are Skyrim modded to high heaven, and Minecraft with tons of beautiful shaders. I haven't overclocked before, but that's something I want to try with this PC. I don't do any editing or rendering, at most I may dabble in them.

Second priority is future-proofing this as much as possible- Reusable parts, and upgrades when it can't go to high settings on new games anymore.

Advance thanks for any help with this, I've poured my soul into this build and can't wait to buy it!

THIS is much better bulid! http://pcpartpicker.com/p/18del

i have improved upon your build. one thing to get out there is that a 1250 watt powersupply is over kill. a 850 will do you well. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/18dfM also i got you a better graphics card and a cpu cooler for overclocking.

Sorry Stephen but my bulid is better!

This will make you very happy. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/18dlY


Okay i take that back Nord has better bulid.

you didnt include the Operating System though which would put him over his budget

There are many ways to get the os.

The monitor is a nice touch, but I actually have a coworker who is going to sell me a HUGE one for $150 when I get my next paycheck. Thoughtful, though. :)

Yea there is Thepiratebay

Or from microsoft.

yes, but he said he cant go over his budget of $1250. he needs the operating system which with your builds would put him over. you could modify Nord's like this and put the OS in since he said he already has peripherals and a screen. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/18duB

and i got a better graphics card in there too

If you call spending $100 dollars more for a tiny difference better.

it is a better card though. you could even go with a new GTX 770 http://pcpartpicker.com/p/18dyF

We can go 780 too http://pcpartpicker.com/p/18dyD but it's just not worth it 7950 is the sweet spot for this budget.

I'm looking at this bulid and im amazed how ridiculous,powerfull system you can bulid for that money! I could bulid one for that money BUT the price difference is huge.In my country this system would cost me around $2000 which is fu*king stupid,im so sad that im stuck with this awfull machine of mine....

770 is a 2gb and he wants tons of mods, so it is ruled out imo.

there is a new 770 4gb

I put this guy together: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/18kxQ

It's based around the older LGA1155 socket, but the 3570K is a really solid performer and I think that it would do what you want it to really well. I also put this build a bit under budget in case there was something you wanted to change up a bit. There isn't any memory in there due to the fact that Newegg is having a deal right now wiht the ASrock Z77 Extreme4 right now and you'll get a free 8gigs of some Crucial memory


Regards, Dapperwolf