1230$ pc build, any suggestions?

I'm building a pc, and i need parts for 1230$ most bang for buck. I already have a cpu cooler which will fit with pready much everything.


Help is much appreciated.

What kind of PC are you going for? As in, what kind of things will you be using it for? Bang for buck really depends on the kind of "bang" you need, bud.

if you allready have a monitor keyboard and mouse, and you only need computer parts.

then i found this setup.



Grtz Angel ☺

I'm gonna be gaming on it.


Buy tomorrow it ends 4/8

And get this instead its better


That looks pretty good, but I'd get this case (it's less flashy, it's bigger, and $40):


I'd also spend a little extra for a modular power supply. Like this one:


Or this psu http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341052

^^^ Or that one.

I like fully modular over modular, personal preference, always have to get modular though. Cant live without it imo

I dont much see the point of fully modular personaly you are still going to have to plug in the power leads enyway