120Hz Monitors runs only 60Hz?

- Thanks guys, im pretty sure its enabled now. had to enable,disable,re enable etc / restart pc a few times twiddling to get it working properly. -





I assumed 120Hz was automatically enabled when i plug my monitors in but aparently not. they stay 60Hz.

So, my 3 120Hz monitors runs 60Hz how do i get it working at 120 Hz? 

This is my monitors - Benq 27" XL2720T - http://www.komplett.no/benq-27-3d-led-xl2720t/776078


Im running a sapphire radeon 7970 atm and i only need middle screen right now to be 120Hz.

- its connected with dual link dvi to the correct 120Hz output slot of the gfx card.


(monitor left is connected to a 60Hz output on the gfx card, monitor right is connected with displayport adapter(from gfx card) to dual link dvi to monitor) 


Speccy / amd catalyst control center both says all 3 monitors are running 60Hz.


I've read through some stuff and apparently you're not the only one having trouble running 120hz monitors with a 7970. Look at the google search results for yourself. I honestly do not understand why this is the case, as long as you're using a dvi dual link cable there should be no issues...

make sure you update your drivers. also, make sure in windows you have 120hz selected as that monitor's refresh rate, also needs to be set as your 'primary' monitor. 

hope that helps.


Yes, make sure the middle screen is set as primary, make doubly sure you actually have a dual link cable (It sounds like you know what you're talking about, but you never know) And go into the monitor properties, make sure its set to 120. If you dont see 120Hz, uncheck the box that says something about only displaying compatible refresh rates.