120hz 1080p or a 60hz 1440p Monitor?

Okay, so, I am building a new PC for gaming and I don't know which monitor to get. Personally, I have always had 60hz 1080p monitors so I do not have any 1st hand experience with either. Anyways this build will be able to run all games at full settings at 1440p so no need to worry about that. I'm leaning towards the 1440p monitor since I play mostly RTS games (League of Legends, SC2). But I also play a lot of SP games (Metro, Fallout, Elderscrolls, ect.) and in SP games I like to experience it with it being as good looking as possible, I don't play many FPS games(Finally bored of CoD4 promod after 6 years...) not the biggest fan of Battlefield, I play it here and there. But I will be getting Titanfall after I get my new build. IMO the 120hz on RTS games won't make that much of a difference, but I'm not sure.

EDIT: BTW I play at two locations, for reasons that I am too lazy to explain at 1:46 in the morning, anyways the second location has a 1080p 60hz monitor. So would going to a 120hz monitor ruin my experience on a 60hz monitor? Some threads that I have read people have said that after playing on a 120hz monitor they cannot go back to a 60hz. I don't want that to happen until I get into college or after college where I will only have one location to play at. Thanks.


1440p Monitor

120hz Monitor

if you are looking to play competitively the benq 2024te is probably the best other wise the added screen form 1440p is nice

I'd say the 1440p monitor. With some of the new games coming out this year, at good details even the 780 TI can't pull off 120 fps. And, the difference from 60 to 120 fps can be quite hard to tell. 

So yes, I'd say 1440p. 

http://www.ebay.com/itm/QNIX-QX2710-LED-Evolution-ll-SE-Matte-27-2560x1440-SAMSUNG-PLS-WQHD-PC-Monitor-/131121204491?pt=Computer_Monitors&hash=item1e876ecd0b you can have 90-120 HZ and 1440p there are discussion threads on overclock.net enjoy :]

ehm, i have both a 144Hz and a 60Hz monitor and i can say that the difference is really big between the two.

I love my 1440P display, however I have never gamed on anything higher that a 60hz LCD. My monitor is the X-Star DP2710LED MDP. I bought it off of eBay and have been really happy with it.

If you don't play first person shooters competitively or you feel the need to get every little advantage you can get at them then get a 1440p monitor. There isn't really any other genre that benefits from 120+ Hz monitors, so go for better colours, more eyecandy and just an overall better experience. Also, the additional screenspace really helps with productivity and can be really handy for all kinds of multitasking.

I'm currently using the Viewsonic VP 2770 and I'm really happy with it.

It's true, a lot of newer games are difficult to play at a constant 120fps, even with a R9 290/x or 780/ti.

That being said, there are still massive benefits to gaming on a 120hz monitor even with fps lower than 120. 

Even with lower frame rates (45-100) the 1ms response time combined with the 120hz completely eliminates any motion blurring/ghosting. I had a nice quality 60hz before I got my 120hz and I thought 60fps/60hz was fine. I can no way go back to 60hz, it's ruined for me. 

It's not so much the 'benefit' you get from a 120hz+ monitor, it's the quality of the visuals. Even using a mouse cursor on a 120hz is a far more enjoyable SMOOTH experience. 

Yes, I know. I've seen it and I've played on a 144 Hz monitor, the image is smoother, there is no ghosting whatsoever, etc. But I still think that you won't really notice those things in all games that the OP listed. Also, I've seen the colours on those monitors, they look pretty awful compared to a good IPS screen IMO. I know that colour accuracy isn't really needed for a subjectively good looking image, but colour banding, blue or grey-ish blacks just don't look nice. If a scene is supposed to be dark and sinister and you can see everything because the whole image is grey then the monitor isn't doing a good job. No matter how smooth the image might be, it still looks pretty bad and doesn't show you the game or movie or whatever as the creator intended. Also, all that screen space and little extras like a usb hub make 1440p monitors way more attractive for many different things besides gaming. It's just more versatile.