120gb SSD enough?

Hi all! I was just wondering if a 120gb SSD Kingston HyperX going to be enough for cloning my OS and a few games from my HDD??


ps how many games can I install before the performance drops??thnx


120GB will be enough for your OS and a few choice games. Typically you would place large games (30GB+) on an SSD because they have the longest loading times.

I have a 256GB SSD and it is only half full. I keep any multiplayer games that I am a little competitive on there, Skyrim, and Rome 2 Total War. I keep 90% of games on my 1TB HDD where the majority of games are fine, and comparatively small.

You can fill the SSD without too much of a performance issue. They don't seek data in the same way that a mechanical drive does.

The Kingston HyperX 3K is an execellent drive. Very cheap, and you can always add a second SSD in the future.

The performance of an SSD drops when it's filled for more than 75%.

An SSD is more than enough. A typical OS install with a lot of applications will take 4-5 GB, if you install the games system wide (which is only recommended with open source games), that will take another few GB, so a root partition of 50 GB is more than enough for no loss of performance in any circumstance. So a 60 GB SSD is more than enough if it's only going to have the root partition. A 120 GB drive is faster though, and not much more expensive, so if you use 115 GB or so as root partition and the rest as swap, and then set the entire HDD as home partition in an LVM scheme, you have the ideal arrangement, you never have to touch the home partition if you're changing distro or reinstalling the OS or whatever. It's just comfort.

If you want everything on the SSD, without HDD, a 20-25 GB root partition is more than enough for the OS and open source games, 2 GB of swap is right(if you even need it), and the rest is about 93 GB of home partition, which is enough for about 10-15 Steam games and documents and a few photos and music files before the performance is going to start to drop.

Thank you very much for a very informative rply! This had a lot of information, although I'm having trouble on how to do this at least I know what need to be done :) FYI I'm not quite experienced on playing around with SSD and HDD partitions :)


I have a 120 GB SSD and a 500 GB HDD, I have been looking to get another HD as I have used alot of my Space on both my drives, I do clean the HD alot. I have been looking at SSHD which are very good if you're on a budget and can't afford to shell out for another SSD.

My friend purchased this http://www.ebuyer.com/544877-seagate-1tb-desktop-3-5-sshd-st1000dx001 last week after I did some research looking to get myself another HD. It has the pro's of a SSD for read speed and the storage of a HDD for the price of a HDD. We have been comparing read and write speed of this against a SSD and on the read if just as fast in one test it was slightly faster. So when copying data to the driver it does run at HDD speed but when its reading its the same as my SSD 120 (which is 550 m/s).

I would highly recommend this if you are on a budget very good value.





i have two 120gb ssd, one for the OS the other for game installs

Well I am not too worried about the HDD, I have got a black WD 1tb for other stuff and for steam maybe bcs steam games goes with the app folders aswell so I have to move it to my HDD rather than placing it on the SSD.

There are only a few games that i want on my SSD like CRYSIS 3, the coming Watchdogs, and other FPS games.

The problem I'm thinking at the moment is when I am cloning my HDD to the SSD, I don't know if it will be okay to do so. My HDD has 107 used space at the moment, would it be alright to clone it to the ssd??or do i have to remove more files and make it a bit smaller??and what do i have to do to the HDD after cloning??can I delete the files on that HDD??


BTW do I have to partition my HDD (seperate the OS) before cloning?