$1200 Gaming Rig... Need Advice!


About to buy them

Looks perfect! Pretty similar to my 'In progress' rig. Although I have a samsung 840 series ssd and I'm getting a gtx670. Happy building to you!

I would if I were you, take the SSD out and get a 7950, I'd also get a 3570k, as I see no reason to get the 2500k over it. Really overkill PSU, go with something like this: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/antec-power-supply-hcg620m It's more than enough for you. Everything else looks solid.

Looks good to me. If you go with the OCZ Synapse SSD though, just make sure you're using it as a cache for your hard drive.

@Mhyles the thing is I already bought the 7870 but I can still return it. Is the 7950 really worth it?

The reason to get a 2500k over the 3570k is you save money to get a CPU that overclocks better (looks like he will be with that CPU cooler) and is just as good as the ivy bridge cpu apart from the integrated graphics which he wont use. I advise him to stick with the 2500k.