$1200 gaming rig advice/assistance!

So here's the deal, beginning of the summer I'm going to start ordering parts in to build myself a new computer (God damn ancient macbook is a pile of shit.) I've been looking at parts and doing my thing for the past month and a half, and plan to keep doing this until the summer. 

I wanted to get a few questions answered, first. Here's my first:

1) Between now and, let's say, the end of summer 2013, will there be any new major releases that will reduce the price of current big items (such as an AMD radeon 7970, 7950; a NVIDIA GTX 680, 670; or the fx-8350)?

Now, saying that, let's say I wanted to build a PC right now with a budget of $1200-$1300, hypothetically using pcpartpicker, what would be the best:

2) CPU cooler (for AMD fx-8350)

3) Best Motherboard (again, fx-8350)

4) Best Memory (preferably 1600+)

5) Best Video Card (I'd like to be able to get a 7950 at least, not sure if that's realistic, though.)

6) Best Power Supply (I'd like to keep it somewhere between 600-800 watts so I can possibly run SLI in the future, but I'm debating on whether or not it would be more realistic to sell + buy a newer single graphics card at the time)

Keep in mind, though, when I say "Best", I mean in terms of value and being realistic (which means, no, I do not need gold certified PSU :P)


Now, saying that, I'm mostly looking for advice in terms of a CPU cooler, PSU, Memory, and a Video Card. I've debated whether or not to go with an SSD, and to be honest, I'm not really going to need it since I won't be doing much editing.

Here's the pcpartpicker I've come up with (I haven't included Cooler or video card as of yet, though.) http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Mx9A

Thanks for your guys' help, by the way, I love having the ability to actually ask well-informed people information like this :)

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Mxer i got a gold psu 850w in there for cheaper than the one you had in the list >_>

Got you a 7970 with an water CPU cooler with just 8GB of RAM because 16GB is only if your going to edit as games only need around 4GB and the extra 4GB is for multi-tasking and I got a HCP PSU which is a very good brand from antec http://pcpartpicker.com/p/MxkP


You could go for the upgraded 7970 twin frozer III edition but to keep it under budget and for $1250 with a 7970 is pretty good. The better cooling is about 60 more dollars i do believe


i found this let me know what you think ☻


Grtz Angel