$1200 Gaming and Video Rendering Rig, Need Opinions

Hey everyone!

My friend has asked me to help him build a good pc for gaming and also video rendering. His budget is a strict $1200 for the tower, monitor, keyboard, and mouse (no speakers needed), and I've put this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2xZXJx together, and it's about to go over budget but I don't know a whole lot about motherboards, or power supplies, or most parts for that matter. I can put it together for him though, so no need to spend extra on assembly.

So if anyone has any helpful suggestions or anything at all to add, I would love to hear it. Especially if I picked incompatible parts, and super-especially if you have a set up that will work for him, even if nothing from my list is included. i hold no pride in this, so fire away.

The only requirements are:

Windows 7

1 TB hdd (if i can squeeze in a small ssd, that'd be sick too)

20" monitor (or bigger) with very low response time a must

needs to be able to play games like Skyrim and Arma 3 with at least medium graphic settings.




This will be much better. 

get a cheaper case, keyboard and mouse and you could probably get an SSD. The 840 Evo from Samsung is excellent.


$13 over budget... could get a cheaper CPU cooler I spose since you can't overclock the Xeon... should do everything he needs pretty fast...

I think some merge of our builds is the best route, but you were right on where I was going with it... :P

He seems to really like Panda's setup. The price is good and with the ssd, he'll be very happy. Thank you guys a bunch. I love this place.EWJ_Groovy

Awesome, Thank you.

I like this set up. Thank you!