1200 Dollar Prospective Gaming Rig. What Are Your Thoughts?

This is going to be my first build, and I decided I should get some feedback from people who know more than me. If someone could check my parts list and see if there are any glaring issues, that would be great!


Edit: The R9 290 went out of stock on Newegg, so the price skyrocketed when they switched to another supplier. If the price doesn't go down soon, I'm going with the R9 280X.


Went with this so you get the 290, a Fx 8350, a ssd and a better motherboard with a great audio solution so you don't need to buy a sound card.  

Mb has known throttling issues with 8 core. Might get by if they run at only stock?

The board is perfect at stock, only does it have problems once you oc on this board past the 4.5 range. You can do a light oc to the 4.3 area without problem. 

Props to you sir, I am awestruck at how you were able to upgrade the build so much for roughly the same price.

Agree with that. Just a heads up if a agressive oc is tried.

There's a lot you can do with $1200, my personal build was just a little bit more then that so I know how to get a lot in at this price range :)

Yeah its not like most 8350's can really max this board anyways with the whole binning for 9590's thing :(