$1200 Computer Build

I'm building a PC for around $1200 

This will be used primarily for gaming. Any suggestions? 







Looks alright, you could probably get away with getting the asus z87 A motherboard, it bundled nicely with a 4770k might be worth looking at, unless there's some feature you value there.

Looks like a good build to me. Don't even consider a 4770K if all you will be doing is gaming. That CPU is overkill for gaming. When it comes to gaming, the 4770K doesn't perform much better than a 4670K.

Looks good to me as well!

Looks good, keep an eye out on black Friday, you might be able to save a few dollars and throw in an SSD for a boot drive. I have seen some for as low as 50 cents/GB.

A glance at the bundle price made it seem like he could get that bundle for cheaper than the current combination, correct me if i'm wrong. i'd still choose the z87 a mobo with a 4760k ( if the bundle is not cheaper) :>