1200 Budget Build

I could use some help if u guys/girls dont mind I'd really appreciate it. My bro and I are building a pc in about 10-12 days, are budget is each 1200 we are both going to use this build because will be doing the same things.... We live in the USA, we will be using this pc for gaming and little video editing in the future (the extra ram for editing we will buy when we want to start). We will be playing games like Smite, Wildstar, wow, league, Titan fall, minecraft, teraria, skyrim, maybe some battlefield 4 and etc. . We want to play at 1080p to 1440p at high/ultra settings. We need a new mouse and maybe head phones all tho not necessary. We have them as well as the case chosen.. we want to Logitech g 602, phantek enthoo pro case and corsair vengeance 2100 (headphones not necessary we can go without, only if we have extra), we need windows 8.1 and a wireless card are wireless signal is 802.11n(I will replace it with a optical drive to install Windows for both computers).. please help us.  

P.S. We have one request we want a 120/240 GB ssd for operating system and a few games as stuff (we will buy more storage space as we need as well)

FX8350/4770k & r9 280x/gtx 770 would be your best bet for gaming in high/ultra and editing within your budget. Would allocate the additional funds you'd splurge on 2100 ram and get 1600 instead and put the extra money toward your headphones/ wireless card/ mouse etc. You're kinda looking for a lot at that price point so gotta prioritize what's most important to you and needed now and what can wait til the future. For instance, if you want an ssd you might want to look into a budget brand like kingston sv300 instead of buying an 840 pro or something.

I was thinking of something like this i know what I want is a awful lot for my budget  but that's all I can afford.. PCPartPicker part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3Jahf


Looks good, you could get an 8350 instead of a 4670k and save a little bit more too, put it toward something else. If you're doing video editing/streaming the 8350 would be better with 8 cores, OC's better too.

So like this with like faster ram or a bigger ssd

PCPartPicker part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3Jb7h

Yup, or higher quality something else...better mobo, case, etc.

If you want to spend a little more could get a gold rated/ fully modular PSU, better CPU cooler, 4gb gtx 770. The cooler might be your best bet.

Faster RAM will help with video editing.

Stronger motherboard which can handle overclocking the 8 core CPU

Cheaper CPU.  It's an underclocked FX-8320.  Feel free to change the multiplier in the UEFI and get it to FX-8350 stock speeds(should be easy)


What about this PCPartPicker part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3JMfF

I don't like the 4 +12v rails on the power supply.  It makes it difficult to balance components on multiple rails, especially for first time builders.

The GTX 770 will usually perform a little bit better than the R9 280X as well.


I would go with something like this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3KeTH

It has a little extra room for the OS. This also has 2 SSD's: a 128GB for OS and a 240GB for games. You could just get a 240GB and get the headphones you want. I didn't include those. I also didnt include a CPU cooler, but this setup can overclock very well with a CPU cooler.

Here is the build with a CPU cooler.


**The case included in the build is just a place filler for your desired case.

***I believe microsoft still allows windows to be installed on 2 machines at a time without voiding the terms of service, so I split the cost between the two builds.