€1100 pc + screen for gaming

I have NEVER build a pc before but i have looked up a lot of info.

In 2 weeks or so i will buy the components for my next gaming pc :).

Plz take a look at what i came up with. ALL suggestions and critic is welcome.

screen: LG 24EA53VQ-P Zwart € 145

thats the best i came up with want a 24" 1080p screen.

That leaves €950 for the PC.

Is this all compatible? any alternatives? => better to take a 770?

maybe spent more to get Sapphire R9 290 4GB GDDR5 for € 341,50?

anyone that can tel mee is the case is "good" for the money i see no one use it :/

thanks in advance :)

This is actually really good. Let me tell you some other options, or suggestions. I just purchased stuff that cost around 1500$ so i kind of have an idea of what your looking for.

1. For your gpu the 280x is a very good choice, IF YOU CAN FIND ONE IN STOCK lol. But yes i would honestly stick to the 280x because it performs equally, if not better than the 770 in some scenarios. But i didnt realize that it actually rose in price o.o my bad. I guess the 770 is cheaper now! And personally i wouldnt go with the 290x or the 290. They have really bad cooling and can be really loud because i think they only have stock coolers, you can wait on that though, should improve soon. 

(Sorry if the amount is in dollars not pounds)

ASUS: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121803

770: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130921

2. For gpu model i would go with the ASUS model. It seems to be the best one out there for the money. Its really quiet, and a lot of other models seem to be louder and have more problems. 

3. Seeing as though the price (In america) has risen for the 280x but you still want to spend that much you might even want just stay with the 280x, it has 1 more gig of VRAM which helps a lot of games out when you turn on the MSAA settings in your graphics (basically makes everything look super pretty, but takes up a lot of your vram) I have no idea if any games actually max out at 2gb yet, but getting 3gb is more worth ;)

4. The cpu is good! Performs similar to the i7 4770k if i recall, but dont hold me to that. Definitely a really great CPU. The other option is the AMD FX-8350. Its more oriented to Budget builds but it still kicks ass at a lot of stuff.

5.The other thing that AMD has coming is its MANTLE API. Its going to replace what everyone uses now (direct x.11) and supposedly it will improve a lot of graphic functions, and frame rates. So getting an AMD cpu or at least an amd graphics card would be possibly worth your while, again no one knows how well it will work, so i dont know if you want to "risk" it, sort of. But at least get the GPU and youll be able to experience mantle.

6. A case that is really good, quiet, and fairly cheap at times is the Fractal R4 Black Pearl. Its really nice (what i ordered) and it has very positive reviews. 

7. Windows 7 for your operating system is also a great choice. Windows 8 really comes down to preferance, if you like that kind of interface, if not go with windows 7, you get a lot better frames and performance on a lot of games (excluding battlefield 4 which has a slight advantage towards windows 8)

8. I have no idea about the monitor, just read reviews. The important thing for a monitor is to keep the Response time under 8ms. That monitor is just fine. But i know ACER has great affordable monitors. IPS monitors are another choice, they have better colors and no matter what angle you look at them they are pretty :)

9.The power supply should be good, i would only stay at 750w if you plan on upgrading in the future, or if your interested, overclocking your components. It isnt bad to spend more money on maybe 50-100w extra of PSU power, just dont go and buy a 1000w in a rig that uses 500!

10. I know western digital (hard drive) is a great company, i think seagate at one point had problems with their service or something, maybe just a lot of bad unlucky reviews, but i know Western Digital is reliable when it comes to Hard Drives. 

11. Im not very "good" at motherboards, but i believe that motherboard should be fine, asus is a great company. You might want to look into ASRock they have affordable motherboards that are great for overclocking if your into that. If not i think that board should be fine, but im relying on other forum members to help you with that one!

But yeah everything in general seems to be great choices. Look for other feedback and most importantly READ THE REVIEWS!

Good luck with building man