$1100 Gaming PC March 2014

As the title already states I would like your ideas on this PC used for mostly gaming the budget is $1100 including a case. The build I have here ( http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/3eY6S ) is missing a case and I've left my friend around $100 to find one that suites him. So is this the best bang for buck there is right now? Thanks in advance!

PS. I live in canada but I can order from the states due to work and what not

Added an ssd and a better cpu cooler for overclocking, also a better quality asus motherboard and a faster graphics card. Went a bit over but should still be able to get a decent case with remaining money. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/3f7NN

That poor power supply might be a tad bit stressed, as it's not the greatest quality.


Stick with a power supply 700w or over. Amd chips use a lot of power along with certain graphics cards. It also leaves room for adding on.

a 160GB HDD? WAT, spend $15 more and get a 1tb.

Wut. AMD CPUs don't use significantly more power than Intel CPUs. They use more, but not enough that'd you'd need 700w. This system will probably only pull around 500W max. 

You could consider the intel counterpart:


Shit, didn't even notice it was 160gb, yeah 160gb is not enough secondary storage... sorry about that.

If someone builds this, they are a piece of shit nonhuman.

Would you care to explain?

They are throwing money away on a CPU that will never be used, because they are fanboy.

What? That made zero sense.

Please come with a educated reason, instead of throwing random statements out.

Getting an intell gaming rig is throwing money away. The only reason that someone would use intell in a gaming rig would be because they are a fanboy.

What are you on about? This isn't a 4770k. It is a 4670k. That is a completely reasonable gaming CPU. It will be used. It has nothing to do with fanboyism he was just giving the OP another option to consider. 

While I personally would go with the AMD build, which gives you an SSD for only a tiny bit more money, to say that they are throwing money away is stupid. 

If anything you are being a fanboy right now....

I would suggest you start learning about CPU architecture before you continue arguing.

PROTIP you cannot defend your statement.


lol, I didn't notice either.  nice catch.

Also AMD GPUs now utilize "zero core technology", which essentially means that they don't use much power when idle.

Yep fanboy.  I have an i5-3570k, and it works great.

The only reason I have an i5 is because an FX-8350 can't fit in an ITX system.  Intel has its pluses.

The 8350 is a beast CPU for the price.  It has its advantages as well.

You are a very small exception, not the norm.

Can you atleast provide information to backup your statements, or atleast make a rational statement.