$1100 Gaming Build

Well I'll start off with my preferences.  Alot of gaming and a little video editing but simple stuff like school documenteries and amateur youtube videos.  I am a graphic freak so I want the best settings on current gen tittles and possibly very good on next gen.  Very good quality parts that will last a long time (almost 5 weeks of minimum wage money I don't want it all to go to waste).  I already have Windows, peripherals, monitor and a desk so just focus on parts.

I'm deciding on two different builds: 


What I like: Water cooling, SSD, Bitfenix Prodigy Mini-Itx Case, I5-3570k  Leaning toward this one because I have limited desk room.


What I like: 4670K, More power, Cheaper. 

Also please suggest Alternatives,  Thanks!

I have put together and Intel and AMD option. You can upgrade to an SSD later on a better GPU is better for now. The 300R is a fairly small case.



That's over budget.  I want something $1100 including Shipping and tax.  Plus i'm really looking for a bitfenix prodigy themed build.  I just love those little things!

Have you seen this? Much better than a Prodigy, and it's actually mITX sized, not mATX sized, but mITX fitting like the Prodigy.

In what way is that better?  It looks like a mini fridge.  One of the main selling points of the prodigy for me is it's appearance.

Should have specfied before MIR and other stuff.

BitFenix Prodigy build http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Killerfrenzy96/saved/1Utb

Thanks!  I'll actually consider this one!

The i5 + 770 should be able to play most games at High-Max (With a few execptions Ex...Far Cry 3,Crysis 3,DayZ)

It's smaller, aluminum, and is better built. Looks better to me, as well, but maybe not to you. 

I'm on a gameplay marathon based on this card.  Getting excited already!  

If you get it I hope your happy with it! Also CultOfMush has alot of gameplay videos with the Gtx 770.

One question, why did you chose the MSI?  What advantages does it have over the rest?  What do you think about the ASUS Direct CU II?


MSI Has better cooling (I think correct me if I am wrong) and it has a Higher clock rate. You could go with Asus if you like.

The Asus has better cooling, but a locked voltage. Are you talking about the MSI Twin Frovr or MSI Lightning?

Twin Frozr.