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10gbe over old multimode?


Has anyone done something like this at their site?

10gbit ethernet over 200 meters of OM1, using LC SR MMF transceivers?

Would having the fiber tested for bandwidth be worthwhile?

Should I just cut out the old cable and have new OM4 pulled?



By the standard, OM1 is only expected to support 10 GbE for a distance of 33 meters. Getting it to work over 200 meters seems unlikely.

The cheap test would be to just try it and see what happens. I would not expect that an outside party would want to validate a cable installation that is out of spec for its intended use case; if it’s important enough to validate it’s important enough to install the correct cable.

If you do end up pulling new cable, it’s worth considering single mode instead of OM4 to preserve options on an upgrade path. 200 meters is already too far for SR4 transceivers.

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