10gb NIC with

I have a CRS305
I have a ubuntu and windows machine with a melanox nic connected to them with cisco 10gb sfp ports how do I enable jumbo frames and 10gb networking I have the jumbo frames on the ubuntu machine and debian one but I only get 100mb a second

Messing with Jumbo Frames is normally a mistake these days.

You need to enable them on both the NIC, any switch ports in path and the other end device and make sure they’re the same size. IF anything in-path doesn’t handle them as expected… well, it won’t work properly :slight_smile:

And… with modern hardware the performance benefit (even when working properly) is difficult to even measure outside of extreme edge cases. This is corroborated by advice i had from a purestorage SAN engineer during our recent SAN install. We left them off - for multi-10G uplinked all flash array via iSCSI.

2c: unless you’re right at the limit of performance constantly, do not bother.

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When you say Cisco SFP ports - do you mean

  • fibre - if so what kind and does your fibre patch lead match the type of SFP? if you use a single mode fibre lead with multi–mode SFP (or vice versa) it might “work” (as in not at proper speed and/or with a heap of errors) over short distances, but they use different fiber types…
  • copper - you’ll need cat6a
  • other SFP cable with SFP both ends - is IT rated to 10 gig?

These other guys are probably right, but
Open device manager in windows, right click the nic, properties, and details I think, it’s been a while

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