1080p game on 1440p monitor

Hey guys

I want a new monitor. I want it to be 1440p but my GPU wont be able to handle some games at that res with playable framerates. I could play some games at 1440p but not things like BF4. I have the 270x toxic by the way. So what would it be like if on certain games such as BF4 i turned the res to 1920x1080? The monitor I am looking at it the  ASUS PB278Q 2560x1440

Thanks :)

You could get a 1440p monitor and play your games at 1080p. You can have the graphics card render at 1080p and upscale it to 1440p.

So it wouldnt look shitty if I played at 1080p on a 1440p monitor?

No it wouldn't look bad at all. People use 1080p monitors at 27 inches with no problem. I'm using a 32inch tv until I can afford a 144p monitor and I have no problems. I'd get the 1440p monitor and use 1080p on it until you can afford a 2nd 270x or a higher end graphics card.

It will look shitter than it has too...

It is an acceptable compromise until you get a beefier GPU. However, I would stick with 1080p and the 270x you just bought.

Hmm, il just go for the ASUS VG248QE. Was only really interested in 1440p cause it seems more badass to tell your noob console friends