1080p dispplay not giving desired sharpness for my photograhy?


im a professional photographer and for a while now I have noticed my photos not really looking as sharp as they should (on screen) and have been forced to keep damsampled (1080x1625) versions of my 6000x4000px images and then viewing the on half my 1080 24inch monitor.. doing this makes them look nice and sharp however only using half the screen to view images on isn't really practical..

is it the relative low res of my monitor? I have been thinking of getting a 27inch 144op monitor (roughly 2,5 times the res of 1080p I believe?)

Would this solve my issue? is it simply my screen cannot show enough detail at its res?

are you viewing them in windows photo viewer? because my images don't look sharp until I get them in photoshop

yes I am same here...

I don't know for sure what you use. but my Sony a6000 shoots at 6000x4000 and I also shoot with my A7R. I think its just a codec thing with windows where it doesn't load it perfectly. super annoying and I haven't found a way around it

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ah okay, but surely if its just a jpeg then it should be fine :/

yea, I guess my workflow is to just use photoviewer to get a general composition that I want to edit and open them in photoshop and then actually edit them. but once you convert raw to jpg they become sharp.