1060 V 1070 | Also Desktop V Laptop

First part of the post. Relevant, not really

I’m looking at getting an Oryx Pro from Systom76 as an all around work and gaming machine. I want to either get rid of machines that I have that I can’t put to work or use for much, or use machines as servers rather than as mobile machines (My asus G50V for example would be a rendering machine, Y40-70 probably sold, some projects would be recycled, etc).
So at the center of my Oryx Pro config is a 7820K and either a 1060 or a 1070. The machine could be used for VR stuff in the future, maybe, but essentially my goal is that whenever I have to go anywhere for way too long I don’t want any compromises. I want basically the same firepower I get at home with the ability to fold it and throw it in a bag.
So at this point, whats the major difference? The most intense game I’ll probably play is Kingdom Come or Quake Champions at this point, so does a 1070 matter as much? I’ll also be playing with a lot of AI stuff eventually. I have this goal in the back of my head of building my own Siri and having it live on a GPU. IDK maybe a 1070 is what to choose at that point…
Meh. Simple question.

Ok so I have a thonk. Its extremely inconvenient for me to not have main machine access for literally anything I do. I used to be a laptop guy and didn’t really like desktops. Honestly I still don’t like desktops, but its convenient to have a home base. As blurred in the spoiler box above, I’m looking at getting an Oryx Pro and cleaning out a LOT of stuff that just bores me. I want to get down to 8 or 12 machines total and use as little space as possible when I move out of my parents house.

Why have a desktop? The Oryx Pro I have config’d on the System76 website is just a desktop that folds in half. It has a real 1060 or 1070, a 7820K, big ol’ screen, NVME… Its literally the same thing that I would be jumping to but portable.

Does anyone, like, dock their laptops at a desk on here? Do you plug in monitors? How many? What laptop do you have? Do you use a USB-C dock or is it like a thinkpad dock?

Now I’m just thinking that I should go back to a laptop format with an Oryx, sell my 580 while its valuable, and start cleaning out and making more room in muh house… Hmmm.

Let me know, I’m intrigued.

Wikipedia has a chart of the differences

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Would the 1060 be the 3G or 6G? If your doing AI then you would want the higher VRAM.

I personally would go with the 1070 but the 1060 should be plenty. Will just have to turn down the graphics some

1060 is a 6g the 1070 is a 8g.

Actually I think theres another idea in mind here. I’ll be back later this thread is going to change its subject matter sorta.

So at this point I am looking at doing an Oryx for 2504… Or I could keep my shitty laptops and get a brand new wild dog for 1360… Ugh. This is kind of annoying.

Hmmm, alright the Sys76 site had a giant typo that they are fixing rn. Apparently they meant 7820HK, not the desktop part. Even though the desktop notation was on literally everything on the site… lol. Well that makes that part easier unless the 7820 is that much better than the 7700? Any opinions on that? I’m more on server chips than consumer parts.

Why System76 specifically? Their laptops are branded Clevo/Sager units, which you can often find for much cheaper elsewhere. The cheapest Oryx on System76 appears to be $1500, a Sager NP7850 from Xotic or elsewhere is $1000 for the exact same specs.

Hell, you can get a laptop with better specs than the base Oryx for $270 less on Amazon.

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No fucky BIOS stuff that I have to deal with, american company, its not extremely convoluted to get one like it is with clevo’s. I’ve wanted to buy from S76 for a long time now and its a company that I believe in. Thats mostly the reason.

Plus all the hardware is guaranteed to work :stuck_out_tongue:

This will be a save up sorta deal for this one. The specs I have selected are as follows:

Pop!_OS 17.10 (64-bit)
8 GB GTX 1070 with 2048 CUDA Cores $299
17.3" Matte IPS 1080p IPS Display w/G-SYNC $59
3.8 GHz i7-7700HQ (2.8 up to 3.8 GHz – 6MB Cache – 4 Cores – 8 Threads)
16 GB Dual-channel DDR4 at 2400 MHz (2× 8 GB) $135
250 GB NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD $69
No Additional M.2 Drive
2 TB 2.5″ Solid State Hybrid Drive $149
2 TB 2.5″ Solid State Hybrid Drive $149

Order Total: $2,359

Could I get the same machine 200 bucks cheaper? Yeah probably. But the intention here is that its replacing a whole line of machines that I have, plus a desktop, plus will last me a minimum of 8 years with the money, again, going to a company I want to support.

To add, I have been staring at an Acer Helios 300 as well. That thing is just a smidge too sketch for me tbh. Also the added potential of libreboot.

So now I’m just trying to find the differences in parts.

Edit: So ok another argument is to buy the extras separate, right? I need the extra storage, I need the NVME drive for both a boot space and scratch area, 17 inch screen because 1080p is to big for a 15 inch screen for me, and the 1070 option because why not. From what I can see on the 1070 its frame timing is better, and I want to do AI stuff and related areas so that 8GB Vram is going to be great for that.

Ok so anyways the drives. Start with the SSD’s, yeah?

So the 2TB drives at S76 are $150 for what are at least mushkin, at max samsung 850’s (maybe the 950,s). Look at those prices. Look at that stupid shit. And I’m not going to wait 2 years for the price gouging to stop.

Now the 250GB NVMe surprises me.

Thats actually really cheap considering, so I assume part of the price is also OS and driver setup plus other stuff they might put in, but still the NVME disk is $69.

I don’t even know where I would find a 1070 tbh… Plus a 17 inch frame with a GSYNC display.

And I’m not even saying that its more cost effective here, right? Yeah, a base model $1000 dollar machine with the drives I throw at it is going to cost basically the same if not more after buying my own drives to replace the shit in there. With that, 1070 and a GSYNC (for sure) screen is in the S76 setup and what I said about 17 vs 15 inch screen. Plus my reason of supporting the company.

Point is to buy a base model and then add the shit I want to it would cost more in the end than getting it from S76 in some cases, with the added wait times of the price gouge. I’m not into that.

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I personally would take a desktop over a laptop any day. But it really depends on how you use your computer. I would warn that despite being a desktop SKU for some components, it is not going to be the same as a desktop. Keep in mind the thermal and power footprint of desktop parts in a laptop, I would not be surprised if some throttling is taking place. Desktop always seem to last longer; due to upgradability/modularity, parts availability, build-quality. With a laptop, you’re typically stuck with what you’ve got. Parts can be expensive or hard to aquire related to their desktop counterparts. And for the best experience you’re going to want to dock it with a nice monitor and a nice keyboard and mouse, at that point you just have a poorly cooled and expensive desktop. Laptops do have benefits of course, but most (if not all) gaming laptops trade those benefits away. Gaming laptops are much heavier and have worse battery life. So unless you find yourself gaming away from home very often, I would recommend against a laptop as your primary gaming computer. Not to rule out having a gaming capable laptop as a secondary computer. But I would take a moment to consider the opportunity cost of getting a laptop exclusively for gaming. I’m left a little curious why you dont like desktops, I’m sure there’s some context behind that.

If you want no compromises (like in your blurred text) I’d go with the 1070. It’ll last you longer.

I used to only use laptops because I was going back and forth between the barracks and my gf’s (now ex) house and we both played WoW. I would hook it into a 32" TV when I was in my room, but had it just a laptop at her house. It was extremely convenient to have everything on the same box. Never had to worry about games not being up to date when went somewhere, never had to spend time syncing all my cloud stuff, etc, because it was the only computer I had. Just as an example, I have my desktop at home which is always up to date, but when I bring my laptop to my current gf’s house I almost always have some sort of update to do when I get there. I could just do it at my house, but a lot of the time I don’t think about it. Having just a laptop is just one less thing you have to worry about.

I used a big cooling pad at home, one that also doubled as a USB hub, that way I didn’t have to ever worry about thermal throttling or running out of USB ports when I was at home. Extra USB ports aren’t really needed on the go because usually the only thing I’m plugging in is a mouse and sometimes some headphones.

The only reason I still have my desktop now is because I just couldn’t get the money I want to make it worth it. Plus, I’m a hardware guy, I love building and customizing, so I know one day I’ll just build another one anyways. Better to keep this one, and when I have my own place (so I’ll have enough space) I’ll have my laptop set up right next to it so I can update it often.

Right some points to explain here:

I love your name [you meme trash you]

0 doubt on that, thought that one through already to be honest. If heat becomes / is an issue I’m not averse to swapping fans out (you would laugh at some of the shit I do to get performance) and I do have some cooling docks.

Yes and no with some of this. Upgrades aren’t a huge terror to me as I am used to being a little out of date. For what I’m going to be doing (code, ai, games, OS Dev, probs more I am not thinking of, content editing, VM’s) it will fit its purpose for a LOOOOOONG time. With a 1070 I’ll have the compute power I need for quite a while (and TBH the games I play are not that power hungry [TF2, Quake, Dirt Ralley] its a matter of CUDA cores and VRAM), and as I said I’m not one to be scared of replacing things. As for mouse keyboard monitor… Yeah I can see some of your point, but what I’m getting sick of 100% is that I have a balls to the walls machine with all my data on it that I cannot take with me when I go to work so that I can work on VM projects on breaks, or any other number of examples I could come up with. I HATE being stuck in one spot for too long. And when I am at home I have a nice big apple cinema display, a dell Ultrasharp, my trackball / G700s, and a razer KB that hasn’t died yet. But, I like chiclet keyboards a LOT more than mechanical [the apple magic keyboard is amazing to me].

Again, not just for gaming. Looking at benchmarks online comparing my current processor (Xeon 1225V3), to this laptop’s processor (7700HQ), the laptop has better multicore, double the threads, less heat output, better clocks… Its much better in a lot of ways. And in the long run here I’m moving out of my parents house and need all of the space I can get, which leads to my next point.

TBH? Its what I have always had available and part of my job in the past in my hackery has been to not only push the limits of my machines, but also of myself. It was only relatively recently that I had desktops that weren’t P4’s (in the last 5 years) and those P4’s were as fast as the laptop I had that I preferred to use (HP NW8000). Not only was it more convenient to just get up and leave the house to do school work at the time, but it helped my attitude. I get really depressed staying in one place for too long so I will often take a laptop and go to the town library to sit by the river just to keep my head on straight. You have no clue how much that helps me. Not to mention that I will be moving out of my parents house this year and I intend on either rooming in an apartment with friends or getting a 630 sp ft studio. Its to my advantage to have a laptop that covers that shit. I don’t even need a big desk for all that I do. Just a small-ish table that can house 2 monitors and some rework tools and space for a keyboard and mouse. ATM I have a massive corner desk and that just won’t do by then.

Also, I won’t immediately get rid of my current desktop. I thought about it and to be honest I’ll keep it until I don’t use it. Then I’ll sell it to a kid or someone who needs a machine with an RX580 and not for a billion dollars. Worth a good 600 bucks to someone who would use it. I’d dread to know my card was being used for bullshit crypto currencies. Ech.

Good to know? Why is that? Just the VRAM and Cores?

Yeah thats kinda the intention. It annoys me to no end that I can’t go somewhere to work on my stuff and not have it all in one spot.

And I assume you lead that with the whole “Gaming box at home, cheap laptop on the out” right? My goal is to take the advantages of both and have one machine.

Haha yeah if its a situation that its hot anyways like in the summer I have the AC on at home. Otherwise windows are open and air is moving. I get too hot as it is and enjoy the cold so I’m less worried about thermals. And as I said above I’m not scared of swapping parts.

The only reason I have my desktop now is it has a 580 in it. If I had done this 2 years ago like I wanted to this thread wouldn’t be here XD

Eh… I’m a hacker. I want one or two things to fiddle with endlessly. BIOS hacks, OC, everything.

Pretty much. More “future-proof” as some people say.

That was my intention originally. I had two laptops, one gaming and one HP with an AMD APU that could play games surprisingly well. I sold the gaming laptop and bought an Xbox One. Then I got bored of the Xbox and traded it for a pre-built hackintosh. I wanted to do a fresh setup but the hackintosh thing was more work than it’s worth, so I just threw windows on it. I did various upgrades over time and now there aren’t any original parts left in it, but I do have the Noctua NH-D14 and AMD HD5770 that it came with in storage. Then my HP started overheating all the time so I bought a Lenovo T420, upgraded to 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, and it played most games decently. I gave my HP to a friend who had no computer (it ran fine as long as you keep it on the cooling pad, but it wasn’t really portable any more). Then I found out the Lenovo wasn’t compatible with WoW. So eventually I bought an Asus ROG G702VM. It has the 6GB 1060, and I find that in some games it doesn’t keep up as well as my desktop with a GTX 970 (another reason I recommend getting the 1070, although it could just be due to thermal throttling). Now I have a desktop and a semi-expensive gaming laptop. I’d rather just have one really nice laptop I can have at home and on the go.


I demand you laugh at this, but the most demanding game I own is either Prey or Dirt Rally. And I have prey as a Wine project. Honestly I play way too much TF2 and Quake to be concerned about the longevity with the newest most demanding games. If the machine can run a VM and play squad in windows 7 I’ll be happy as a clam.

I’m just sick of being out somewhere and I go to open Eclipse and I hadn’t touched it at all since my install because desktop and I only have half my scripts and work and the machine can’t even run one VM decently (atm I’m stuck with my Asus G50V or Lenovo Y40-70, both of which I have put work into upgrading / improving, both of which aren’t good at what they were even originally designed for) and its all one huge pain in the ass. Give me a folding desktop and kick me out the door.

I would, except the most demanding game I have is WoW :stuck_out_tongue:. It’s not super heavy usually, but when I’m in a raid and there’s a whole buncha spells going off in one area then I get a significant framerate drop. Come to think of it, I really haven’t been playing many games in general recently because of school. I cancelled my WoW sub because I’m so out of it I have no idea what’s going on or where I’m supposed to go now. I’m sure I’ll pick it up again once the new expansion comes out though. I just recently started up ESO again and that’s been a lot of fun the last couple days, but that runs smoother than WoW. We’ll see how long that lasts though. I’m starting school again on Monday and I’m starting my programming classes this time, not just math.

I’m going to pick up a sub when classic comes out. Want to play that with me and show me around? I don’t really have an interest in modern wow lol.

Ya that’d be cool. I’m probably going to play the new expansion first, but I’ll definitely be on Classic too.

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Ok so I’m going to wait a while for prices to even out on flash and get a new machine in 3 - 4 months. By then I’ll be looking at classes and be gearing up for my new set of projects. But, I need help from the community first to make my final decision.

I’m looking at these now:

This machine is available for 1000 bucks at bestbuy locally, has an 8GB 580, and seems to be well specc’d

New version coming out, 6 core probably

If not the other two, I get this and deal with the not having a GPU, eventually figuring out some sort of external enclosure if at all possible.

I need some performance metrics from the community. I don’t like synthetic benches, and while I bet that notebookcheck is legit as fuck, they don’t have openGL for everything.

So, to those that have laptops with 1060 (6GB), 1070 (8GB), or RX580 (8GB), run me some numbers. 2 games, and some quick renders in some apps. It’ll only take you a minute if you happen to have one of each of these.


Deus Ex MD: Opening scene, highest, up to helicopter.
Need an average score in OpenGL or Vulkan (if it does vulkan?). If you only have windows, I’ll take that too TBH.

DiRT Rally: benchmark tool, highest
Need high, low, average.
Then, need you to do a run on the shortest Powys Wales track. Forget the name. But, its the buggiest section in the game. If theres no hitches, thats all I need no know. If there is, tell me what it acted like (stuttery, intermitent hangs, etc). IDC about framerate here, just game performance.



If you run linux, do one of these for me and let me know the time of the render.

Lastly, I need you to run a blender benchmark.

Again, render times.

I’ll be comparing this all to my current system. As I understand it, because of my CPU bottleneck, a 1060 with a 7700HQ should be equal in performance to my 580 with shitty 4C4T xeon. IDK what a 580 in a laptop does in comparison, and I don’t know how much better a 1070 is. Now, in 4 months the 1170 could drop and that’ll be a whole new ball game. I really have no clue. And if it does and S76 has them in their machines you can bet my ass I’ll have one. In the mean time though, I’ll assume that the 10’s are going to stay around for a while, and in that case if yalls could run some of these for me that’d be great.

For some reason best buy just has a stock windows install on their display machines. IDFK why they don’t have any benchmarks or games installed to test these systems, but labels and 1like=1prayer memes from the 29 year old behind the counter don’t sell me on shit. So, I appreciate it.

Not even considered the GL702ZC ?

I need the VRam, I need NVMe, 2 sata slots, and thunderbolt. I see a 4GB GPU, so off the bat I’m low on the desire list with that.

The R7 is intriguing though. If its a desktop 580 I’ll put it on the comparison list.

Essentially, I need a workstation to replace my desktop that will be 100% linux compatible. The only reason that Omen is on the list is that its so so cheap, has 2 sata slots, and has NVMe. The next model will be Thunderbolt compatible 100%, some of them aren’t apparently.

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