1050 ti SSC vs rx 470

I have been curious about where the 1050 ti would sit since it was announced.

Been reading tonnes of gushing reviews and I find it more than a little puzzling.

Some reviews are even stating that the 470 is '46.5%' more expensive, making the 1050ti the 'new budget king' but from a couple of price checks I find it to be nearer to only 10% to 15% more expensive (obviously depending upon manufacturer etc) with the 470 totally ripping it to pieces in benchmarks?

In an fps per dollar ratio, i would imagine the 470 is still king or am I missing something?

Even the price slash amd recently would not account for this deficit so I am not quite sure where they got that figure from.

answer honestly, who here would buy a 1050ti over a 470?

The 470 is a better card plain and simple. If you have the funds to grab a 470 over a 1050 Ti, your better off doing that in a performance and system longevity standpoint.


Good question. I will try to figure that out, then update this post or create a new one.

This should help:

The RX 470 beats the 1050Ti in performance, but what's important, is how much they sell for in your country.

For instance, in India, they get shafted with pricing on AMD hardware.

The only reason why someone would get a 1050ti over an RX 470, is either due to pricing, or fanboyism.


The 470 is a much better card that the 1050ti.

The review you are linking actually states that the 470 is 30$ move expensive (check the last page) and at retail price is it 33% more expensive. With the recent price slice I think the 470 gives a much better price/performance ratio if you have the extra 40 bucks to pay. The fact that you can get it even cheaper...well there is no competition.

None of these lower end cards should really be considered for new systems. I imagine the rx460, gtx 1050 and 1050ti will be popular with people who just want to throw a card in their prebuilt pc to get a pretty decent gaming experience. but I don't see much reason beyond that.

I would buy neither. I would wait for the time when I could afford a GTX 1070 and I would never consider an AMD card cuz well .... PhysX. As for what you do best of luck with your decision. I guess my advice for you is to save up for a better card or wait for a price drop.

You're really playing both of those games, huh?


470 for sure.

IMO the 1050 Ti makes no sense. For the same or a little more you can get a much faster 470.

The 1050 is a decent card for people who just wanna upgrade a prebuilt. But the 1050 Ti? Nah. Save a little more and get a 470

Note this can depend on the country you live in though and the prices there.

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Don't engage him.


Yeah, if you really need the cheapest current card, let's say for a cheap HTPC with full hardware 4K, H.265, VP9 everything... the 460 is still cheaper. And the best price/performance for games is the easily 470. I think AMD is in a really good position.

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I thought what @noenken said was funny and don't tell people to not engage in conversation with me as they have every right to. Also if you noticed my original post I said I wouldn't consider either card and the 1050 Ti SSC has PhysX so that isn't the only selling point for me when it comes to video cards. I can see beyond just PhysX.

PhysX is not selling point.
You sacrifice framerate for visual quality, and even the visual quality is questionable. And physx drops the framerate some 20% down, and 1050Тi is already behind 470... 20% down and it's 460 levels...
No. If the choice is 470 or 1050Ti, 470 is performing way better.

Keep in mind, this is DX11 test only. Only Tomb Raider is DX12 from some 15 titles...

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You can get a separate card for PhysX if I recall, a used GTX 750 Ti would be useful there.

You can but it isn't worth it. The few games with PhysX that exist render it on the CPU now anyway.

The point is though don't bother trying to convince him. It won't work. He's at troll level when it comes to it.

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After all your posts I'm still not sure whether you're just trolling or you're serious (or maybe half trolling). Either way, I always get a good laugh from them.

Now about the original post, it depends on the pricing in your country. But if you can get a 470 for slightly more than the 1050 ti (where I live the 470 is like 30€ more but youll have to decide if thats worth it or not) just go ahead and do it

I think the 1050ti will find a home in some laptops, but I don't know for how long.

Lots of people who want Linux only and remember how Linux gamers were treated my AMD will choose Nvidea.

Lots of people who had great sucess with buying AMD when it was unpopular to do so will stick with AMD.

A few will return a perfectly good card cause they did not RTFM.

A few will check out open box deals and go home Happy Happy Happy:)

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Drivers? Cuda? PhysX? It depends on what you're using it for. Nvidia doesn't hold 2/3+ of the market for no reason. If they sell at the price there is a reason. Fanboys turn into fanboys because a product works better...

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True. But Nvidia has a special way of bending over their customers. Some customers like to be bent over.