1000 watt Corsair PSU with an older motherboard

I’m slowly upgrading my rig and I got my hands on the power supply that I wanted a Corsair 1000 rmx. Now I am 99% sure I can install it into my motherboard a Asus z68 gen 3 pro because they’re both ATX compatible but I just want to run it through a second opinion one more time. My processor is an i5 gen 3 and those two things are going to be scrapped once I get my hands on an AMD 5900x.

There should be no issues with any modern-ish PSU.

You need to go waaaay back before you run into compatibility stuff (2002 ish), back when the 4-pin CPU power was not yet a thing and your PSU had to deliver 60-100W over the 5-pin rail.

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It should be fine. :slight_smile:

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old mobo and new PSU is always a safe combo so long as they are the same standard. You cant use a new 12v PSU on an ATX/EATX motherboard.

To clarify, you mean the new 12vo supplies yes? The ones that only supply 12v and not 5v and 3.3v as well as 12v


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