1000 USD Gaming PC Build

Hey guys, I was planning to build a PC, but was having trouble picking out the best parts for the maximum gaming performance for 1000 USD. I keep on seeing so many mixed opinions. Thanks. The Build just needs a decent monitor. 

Why don't you get a decent asus gaming monitor? If you have an nvidia graphics card build with g sync, you can use a gaming monitor premodded with g sync.


This is right on budget and gives you everything you need to game like a pro.

You can overclock very well with this motherboard and cooler, you also have an SSD for your OS and main programs. Install your games and media to the HDD.

The graphics card on this is the 4 GB model for a little "future proofing" for HD textures or multiple monitors if you wanted.

Don't use kingstons ssdnow V300, they witched the memory on them to an incosistent one that have been reported to perform even below 200 MB/s...

Modified a bit the build above http://pcpartpicker.com/p/sfwgQ7

One thing OP could aslo do is to wait for the new i5-4690k

Just my input for you :)

But what about the monitor?

Try this:


Switched to AMD so that you can get a monitor in the build, didn't include OS because I wasn't sure, but also included an SSD for the OS. 

Edit: you could switch the 8320 for a 6300 to save some money/put more into the monitor if you want a better one. 

Thanks, and I agree... if the price stays the same.

Thanks guys, I was thinking about getting the MSI R9 290 off of amazon due to that fact that they have a used deal for for 317$


I replanned my bugdet and now it seems to be around 1500$


Wow I completely looked over the monitor part... I was tired last night lol.

Here is a $1500 build including a monitor.


This has an I7 4770k and a very high quality 144hz monitor. You can throw in that R9-290 if you like too.


So I put in an R9 290x and stepped the CPU down to an i5 as compared to the above build, you don't really need and i7 for gaming and a 290x will give better performance than an i7. 


What happened to 1k price point?


The OP said that he was able to up the funds to $1.5k.

oh, totally missed that.

Yeah, I turned 15 yesterday so there is some extra birthday money.