1000 UK Pounds Gaming/Editing PC

Hi guys, i need a quick specification list for a computer i will be ordering tomorrow, i need a full parts list with a keyboard and mouse, oh and windows 7, got to be windows 7 for many reasons. The overall budget is 1000 UK pounds and must include everything, and must not go over that price point. 

The machine will be used for video editing (sony vegas pro 12 to be exact) and also playing games... lots of games at high settings, 1080p :)

As for the keyboard and mouse, I'm not that fussed, but will want a good keyboard, not any membrane garbage, try and keep the cost down here and choose me a 200 pound keyboard.

Cheers in advance guys, you legends! Dantheman2050

Didn't know if you needed a monitor?


I would strongly advise going with Windows 8. It has better multi-thread support, which is a bit of a must. You can mod it to make it look like Windows 7.

Included peripherals. Mechanical with MX blues.

If you need the price brought under £1000. Swap the 8350 for the 8320. It's the same chip, but the 8320 is binned lower. You can overclock it up to the speeds of an 8350 with this setup.

cheers for your time, means a lot.

Appreciate the response.


Not sure if they're in the UK, but Azio makes some great cheap gaming keyboards. Most are around $40 which is around 30 pounds, and they're good for the money's worth.