1000$ U.S build

I already have a GTX 680, HDDs, 600W PSU, all the peripherals, a Hackintosh USB and Win8 DVD. This will be a gaming rig. This must be Intell Socket LGA2011. I will overclock this. I want to watercool it, but I might just air cool and watercool later. I have a 60hz 1680x1050 monitor, but I will be upgrading to 120hz as soon as I find a 16:10. I expect the 680 to work fine for my current display.


I was thinking to get a:

RIVBE and a 4820K

so you only need, cpu, motherboard, cooler, case and ram?

GTX680 is still very nice card, no need to upgrade that yet.

Why don't you buy a keyboard that works first :P

I'm using my laptop.


okay next question, why do you wanne go socket 2011? if its a gaming rig, its not realy needed to go with a socket 2011 rig, a Z87 hasswell rig would also be fine, unless there is a reason for you to go socket 2011?

anyway socket 2011: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2iIqz

socket Z87: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2iIyh

If I didn't go 2011 I'd go AMD. I just want the speed.

okay yeah well amd is offcourse also a good option ☺

But your statement about speed, socket 2011 vs socket Z87 for a gaming rig i not realy see your point on this.

Well, socket 2011 is faster. There's no kill like overkill