1000$ pc

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/OYkx gaming

i was woundering how many games i could hold with the ssd?

because i wanted the ssd for a start up and i rrly couldent aford a hardrive with it.


irrelevent title.

as for # of games... games can range from 256MB (binding of isaac) to over 8GB (metro, and many more) what games do you have?

i wouldn't clutter a ssd with games thogh i would keep them all on a seperate drive. except the games i play most often.

Probably a couple of AAA titles like Tomb Raider, Farcry, just depends on the size like BF3 is 20+ for the base game with updates and dlc is 8gb+ . But i would worry about ssd its just for impatient people that want a 10-20 sec boot. My hdd takes 30-40 sec to boot up. Its just a gimmic, get a 1.5tb hdd they are cheaper and you will thank yourself in the long run. Games dont really utilise the ssd on in loading screens. most games have cutscenes as loading screens now days. With the psu that is major overkill. you see partpicker has an estamated wattage in the top corner aswell.