1000$ or more gaming PC

Hello everybody I have 1000$(or even more if nedded) to spend on my new PC. But I just don't know what parts to get because I don't have enought time because of my school. I would like if somebody can write me some specs for my next machine. I would generally use It for gaming (hosting servers, some work CINEMA 4D, maybe some videos etc....) I would like to get both AMD and Intel specs. I would be happy if I wouldn't need to upgrade my PC at least 3-4 years.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1Yyn2 . if you host servers the more cores you can get the better as that will eat into your system performance. I left you 100$ for a case and CPU cooler as people usually have some specific taste to those, if it were me for 80ish you can an nzxt phantom 410 mid tower, i have one and love it, for a CPU cooler eh.... idk.....i guess evo 212 will work if your not overclocking and your going to run a 24/7 server.

Intel+Nvidia option.  Overclockable, and SLI-upgradeable.