$1000 mid-range gamming pc, thoughts?

Hey all, this is the gamming pc i plan on building in the near future. I have spent countless hours of research putting together what i think will be a pretty good mid-range first time build. so now i come here, to teksyndicate, to ask your opinion, from the ppl i hope know more than me on building a decent mid-range gamming rig. please keep in mind that this is my set budget, but please feel free to to help me out in any way. one more thing, i would like to put in an SSD as the OS boot drive, but was wondering about the reall benefits of putting in an SSD, is there really and advantage on putting in an SSD? if so, what brand and what size will i need if i plan on using it for my OS and drivers only? well thats it, have fun picking me apart lol.  


seems legit...