$1000-ish build

Hey guys, I am building a new gaming PC for my best friend. His max budget is actually $1100, but he doesn't want to spend it all up if it isn't necessary. 

Right now, he uses his 20 inch monitor at 1600x900 res for gaming, and he doesn't feel like getting a new 1080p monitor. He wants to overclock his CPU, but not in an extreme way, perhaps getting another 600-800 MHz is good enough.

This is the build I came up with after watching Logan's review about the 8350 vs 3570k


So, what do you think about it? Is it good? Is there any parts that I should change, add, or remove?

Kinda weird he is willing to spend 1k on a PC, but not getting a full hd screen... I strongly suggest him to invest in a new screen and build a cheaper computer.

Well, I talked to him earlier about it, and he said that he might buy a 1080p monitor, but he wasn't really sure about it. He wants to know, is there gonna be a massive difference going from his current monitor to 1080p monitor?