≈$1000 Help w/ Full Gaming Setup

I want to make the jump from laptop to PC gaming and my budget is around $1000.
I'm mostly going to do gaming of course and I'd like to go mATX while leaving my options open for overclocking.

I don't mind going bigger or changing things if it means getting more bang for my buck.


I put this together: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/JXJF4D

(I already have a mouse I'll be using and a copy of windows 7.)

My questions are:

  • What am I missing?
  • What are my options? 
  • Where can I cut down?

Since your motherboard and CPU don't really allow for overclocking, I would ditch the Hyper 212 and the thermal paste.  Stock Intel coolers are actually pretty quiet, and are much better than the ones that AMD provide.

Also, the monitor is a bit expensive.  Most people can play at 60hz just fine.  A stronger GPU would help in this build.

Well, first off you won't be able to overclock with what you have there.

That i5 is locked and only "k" parts have an unlocked multiplier. You can mess with the BCLK on locked CPUs to gain a little speed but you won't get much and I wouldn't recommend it. You'd need to go with the 4670k to get an unlocked i5.

Additionally your motherboard isn't brilliant. You want to OC you need a Z87/Z97 motherboard. A Hyper 212 Evo will be sufficient for mild OCing but if you wanna really push that CPU I'd recommend a high end Noctua cooler or a closed loop water cooler both of which may not fit in that case you have chosen which isn't great to begin with.

I'd avoid multiple GPU setups but if you must 550W isn't enough at least not if you want to add a higher end card.

$250 for a TN panel? Blech. You don't need 144Hz.

Does $1000 include the monitor keyboard and headset? If it does that leaves you with a budget of around $720 for the tower which at that price point I'd recommend an FX-6300 based system

$1000. Intel. Tower Only. OCing capable.


~$700. AMD. OCing capable. NOT mATX. Not SLI/Crossfire capable (Can be if you get a 990FX board and higher power PSU)



Made some revisions.

Sorry about my noobishness.

To clarify I'm not going to OC right off the bat, but I'd like to leave that option open for when I get better cooling.

Right now I'm not sure whether to go for a AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core or a AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz 8-Core since I hear most games barely use more than 2 cores.

Other than that I think my motherboard and CPU both support OCing.

That's a lie.  Many games nowadays are utilizing 4 or more cores.


Better motherboard will allow for much, much better overclocking.

This is a great build.

Great deal on that 280 too.

Not another one those crappy 78 mb? I gonna rant!

Noob made you a smoking good build. Build it

This build has everything I need and at my budget. Thanks!

On another note, it looks like mATX and overclocking don't go well together. Sorry for trying to make you work miracles lol.

M-ATX & AM3+ don't go well together.

If you want to overclock on a smaller form factor, you need to go Intel.

If you feel the need to save a few more extra dollars, just cheapen up on the headset/keyboard or drop the sdd. Everything else you will be hard pressed to get better deals. Its alot of performance for the money.