€1000,-- Gaming PC


I'm thinking of building a €1000,-- Gaming PC and I wanted to hear what you reccomend.
I have a case (Aerocool xpredator x3), I want the PC to look good (ie colorscheme etc. I'm willing to pay around €200,-- extra for accesories for the look) and I want the cpu to be watercooled.




hows that for a base?

i already have a case which is atx formfacor



I would wait until haswell and the 700 series but it depeneds on how badly you need it as the 700 series is coming late may to early june.

i think i will wait until the haswell series, posted this before I heard of it

Why wait for Hasswell, eaven wenn Hasswell is comming out, the AMD- FX8350 will still be more Bang for youre Buck, in gaming ☺.

The FX8350 beats the i5-3570K 9 times out of 10 in gaming, and its, very close to the i7-3770K somethimes the difrence in gaming is about 5 fps, but, the FX8350 is allmost half the price of  the i7, and i bet eaven wenn Hasswell is comeing out, those diffrences won´t be much mind blowing, only hasswell is gonne rib off youre bank account only, wenn it comes to gaming,,

grtz Angel

Those are pounds, not euros.

1 pound is roughly 1.2 euros.

It doesn't beat the i5-3570k overclocked 9/10 times, more cores isn't simply beter. for video rendering and stuff sure more cores is better but for gaming not so much. especially because most games don't even support multiple cores. 

I would earn a bit of money and wait for hasewell because those will be good, but on the other hand I think since the new consoles will have an AMD 8-core proccessor and they will want to milk that thing for all it's worth, game devs are going to be ultilizing the 8-cores more.

schould i also wait on the nect generation of gpu's?

You've only got to wait a few weeks for the new stuff. Be a shame to miss out on some supposedly good hardware. Always best to wait, then evaluate. Unless it is months...

put together something with new GTX 770 and haswel I5-4670K, i think its pretty decent http://pcpartpicker.com/p/13J1R