$1000 gaming pc(please comment!)

this will be my first computer build i will probably not be able to build this until i get enough money since i just got my 1st job and im not sure if i want to go with an i5 3570k because in the benchmarks ive seen the 8350 beats it but please i leave yourinput because i need help!!!




the 8350 outperforms the 3570K in multithreaded benchmarks, but in single threaded the 3570K outperforms the 8350

but a 7950 would be a much better choice than a 670

so should i just go with the i5 and i was also thinking about the 7950. what 7950 should i go with?



i dont know lol thats why i posted here to get help. also ill prob go with an i5








heres some benchmarks, i would get a 3GB 7950, as for brands, MSI, Sapphire and Gigabyte have good coolers, but others can tell you which brand to go with, and its mostly up to you as theres not a huge difference

alrigh thanks! so hows this look???




looks good, i dont see anything wrong with it