$1000 Gaming PC ideas


I will have probably $1000 dollars to spend on a Gaming PC I hope to be building. I was wondering what are some really good, and current components for this pc. EX: Mother Board, CPU,Case, Power Supply, etc. I hope I can get some feed back on what to buy. Thanks

This is an alright build for that cash





In the process of building this right now. Probably the best QUALITY parts you can pick up right now for cheap in Canada/USA.

Seriously? An i3 for that budget? I'd go with xKANz build. Though I'd get a Radeon 7950 will serve you better in gaming( especially at high res, as it has 3GBs of ram), so I'd swap out that 660 Ti. And also xKANz, IT IS A GAMING BUILD. The only benefit of the SSD is faster boot-ups and load times for this build. Drop it and with the money get a 2TB mechanical instead.

A few months ago this wouldn't have been a terrible build, no reason to go with the i3s anymore more though, the FX-6300 will beat it at just about every single game, and thats not even counting the fact the 6300 can be OC'd to 4.8GHz and the i3s can't be OC'd at all.

Oh yeah, forgot about those new Piledrivers. Hunter Jaeke, just modify xKANz build to get the FX-6300( of course you'll have to change the mobo too), and with the extra money, buy a 7970  with an aftermarket cooler.

Here goes a AMD Piledriver build


do you feel a 750watt psu for this setup is an overkill?

We dont really know if his gonna go Sli or Crossfire in the future.

Uuum, well, it's a gaming build, not an editing one.

Here, I edited it for a better GFX card.

The Gigabyte Radeon 7970 is very long, 285 mm to be exact, so I chose the Zalman Z11 Plus, because it can accomodate up to 290 mm cards. But it'll still be very snug. If you don't like the case, get a Cooler Master Haf 912. It can't fit the card, but if you remove the modular drive bays, it can. Downside is, you'll be left with only 2 drive bays. That's why I chose the Z11, it can be fitted as is, and still has USB3 for cheap. Search for reviews, it actually gets good ones. 

Also, xKANz, the PSU you picked is a little overpriced. probably because it's Silver. I picked a an 850W XFX 80+ Silver( fully modular) for the same price after MIR.

Then I swapped the 8350 for a 6300. You get more FPS because games don't know how to utilize 8 cores.

Then the mobo for an ASRock. I did it to make it cheaper, and this had very good reviews. Has 3 PCI-E X16 Slots, 1 E-SATA and 5 SATA 6GB/s ports.

I didn't change anything else from xKANz build. It's a little over-budget, but it's well worth it to max out any game at 1080p buttery smoothly.