£1000 Gaming Pc and £300 Gaming PC

Hey guys i just want you to check these two gaming pc's that i will be building. 

The first one (the £1000 one) is for me and the £300 one is for my brother. 

We both want it to play games but i want it to play higher end games that are more graphically demanding at the best settings whilst he just wants to play games that are for his age rating but also play high end games on low settings. 

My brother knows that the next-gen consoles are coming out but he doesnt want them as he wont be able to buy anything else, for example for his homework in the future so he would rather buy a PC and upgrade when he gets the money. I am going to give him my old monitor, mouse and keyboard thats why they are only in my build. 

Here are the two PC's

£1000- http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1dMbv

£300- http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1dMeo

Thanks in advance

The £300 build looks good but I'd change the power supply. as the one on mine is quite noisy. I'm not sure what type I'd go for though. it's up to you.

And as for YOUR monitor why not spend a little more and get a 23"? PC World have a good Samsung monitor (Full HD) for £99.97 - Here..http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/desktop-pc-monitors/monitor-projectors/pc-monitors/samsung-ls23b300b-full-hd-23-led-monitor-20350352-pdt.html

For the monitor i just chose anything that was in that price range and i heard BenQ monitors are good quality so i chose that. I might go for that Samsung. Thanks for that.

What about the £1000 build, is that good?

I would get this 


23" Monitor. The 7950 has as good performance as the 7970 when its oc and overclocking is easy with the massive asus cooler.  

Where did the SSD go? Another thing i can overclock the 7970 so it is better. 

I wanted the Fractal Design R4 because it is meant to be a quiet case so i will stick with that. I will go for the ram you have chosen as it is cheaper and faster. Also i will go with the XFX PSU and the Acer 23" Monitor but i will stick to a cheaper mouse and keyboard as i have found it doesnt make much difference to me. Plus you got rid of the CPU cooler and the Wifi Adapter so i think i should just make the changes i have said so it will be more or less the same price. 


Whats the point in getting a 7970 when your monitor is limited to 60fps and only 1920x1080 res. 7970 is for higher res monitors. Your bottlenecking a 7970 massively. & the 7970 you chose is voltage locked so you cant really oc it. If you want an SSD put one in theres a 100 quid left over. I can gurantee you that getting a 7970 is absolutely pointless unless your spending triple what you did on a monitor. 

Another thing is, is that Asus 7950 the best 7950? For overclocking what is the best overclock i should be able to do with the Asus 7950? Could i get another 7950 like a HIS 7950 (the one with 2 fans, i think it is a IceQ model or something) ?

ASUS is the best. Its cooler is so big it takes up 3 slots instead of 2. I cant say what sort of overclocks becuase like CPU's it can be like a lottery. I would expect like 1.1Ghz on the core clock and an extra 300 Mhz onto the Memory clock. It's also incredibly quiet for such good cooling when compared to the gigabyte 7950 which comes overlclocked and has 3 fans which sounds like a plane engine and also comes voltage locked. The HIS is voltage locked too I believe and it comes with 1 fan. Its ok and it says turbo clock which just means it comes oc'd. With the ASUS you can push it a lot further. If not that one I would recomened the TwinFrozr 7950's by MSI. 

Ok so i will get the Asus one. Here is the final build.


I will buy the other monitor, that one is just there :D

By the way is my brothers £300 build good? Is there anything to improve it?

Maybe this instead? http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1dODx 

Tbh I'm scared that the mobo will die within 2 minutes of being switched on in your build but £300 is about as cheap as you can go so you cant expect much I suppose. 

Hey malcolm, i just saw some benchmarks of the gtx 760 asus directcu ii and it beats the hd 7950 in most games (it beats the 7950 in all the games i play) It is also £40 cheaper and i guess it will be able to overclock really well as it is a Asus DirectCU II model. Is it worth getting that or sticking with the 7950?

MAJOR UPDATE: I now need an OS because we have lost the only copy of Windows 7 and we didnt write down the product key. So now i need an OS, i want to try out Windows 8 and i have seen Windows 8.1 is coming out and that has fixed quite a few problems. I think i might have to go with the GTX 760,

Ok I dont believe that at all. 


If you need to save £70 just drop the SSD. & get rid of that wifi "thing". Maybe get a cheap PCI one from asus. It will do fine. 


Hmm i was just talking to my friend and he said the exact opposite. He said that it would be better than a 7950 without an overclock and close to a 770 with a overclock. Plus he said that AMD have a lot more driver issues.

Hey i saw this really good deal for a HD 7870 XT (£165) with 4 free games. I think i should get this as it is the same as a 7950 but £100 cheaper. Whats your opinion?

This is the build: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1dTIZ

The video I posted is factual evidence to say the oppsisite and the 760 in it is OC'd to the max but its whatever you want. The 7870 isnt as good as a 7950 by far but if you want to get it instead and save some money then sure you can get it just might struggle a bit in some games. Driver issues for the 7950 are almost non existant as its an old card. However the NEW 760 has NEW drivers which WILL have bugs in them for the first 3 months or so. I think your friend is an intel fan boy. 

Hey malcolm, I just noticed that i will only have enough space for a micro atx case. Anyway my friend has put together two builds (not the intel fanboy) but he doesnt know if it is worth getting haswell for the price difference. Also if i could get AMD i would but i can find any good motherboards for it. 

Here are the builds.

Intel: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1e7XC

Haswell: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1e7YA

I saw that the 350D is the same size as some ATX mid tower cases so i also have a AMD option.

AMD: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1ebTG

AMD (Another One) : http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1ecbW

Ehhh Intel sadly does get all the badass mobo's which is sad as AMD are really stepping up there game as of late. I would not get a corsair PSU as they are not that great in general, I'd go seasonic or XFX ( XFX are made by Seasonic ). If you are going mATX its best to go Intel as the AMD mATX boards suck. There's really no point getting a 770 with that monitor either, I really cant stress that enough. You'll be bottlenecking the CPU and GPU to 60 FPS in everything. If you're going that build I'd definately go 760, 660ti, 7870 Ghz Edition or 7950. Haswell is ok, it does have some really nice motherboards but its not really neccisary in this system. If you're gaming in 1080p on 60fps max.  


I made this, if you wanted to change some stuff get rid of the corsair fans and get bitfenix ones instead ( just the normal standard ones ) Theyre cheaper and run practically silent.  i5-2500k better for OC, 760 fits the monitor, different SSD and a better PSU. 

Yea i finally understand about the 60fps monitor thing but i dont think a GTX 760/HD7950 would be able to run BF4 on Ultra 1080p that is why i am going for a more expensive GPU. I dont know if this is correct so if it is not please tell me. Is the i5 2500k just as a good as a i5 3570k? I want the best performance possible so i dont have to upgrade for at least 3 years. 

Would adding a GTX 670 or a HD 7950 and overclocking be able to run BF4 60fps Ultra 1080p? BF4 is going to be one of the main games i am going to play so i really want to know. I will also be playing GTA V (If it is well optimized) Watchdogs and other intensive games. So i need a good GPU for these games. I want 60fps 1080p at Ultra or High settings. 

I found this Gtx 580, is it good? http://www.scan.co.uk/products/1536mb-msi-gtx-580-twin-frozr-ii-4008mhz-gddr5-gpu-771mhz-shader-1710mhz-512-cores-dl-dvi-mhdmi

Since the game hasn't been released its hard for me to tell. But I would think so, I have a 7950 and it could run skyrim on Ultra with HD textures and Parallaxing at 60fps +. Your eye can only see at 30fps so getting 60 isnt essential it just makes lag spikes less noticeable. Personally I think you'd have no trouble running Bf4 in 1080p on ultra with a OC 7950 or a 670. 

The 580 is a really old card, I'd advise against getting it. 

The 2500k can overclock better than the 3570k but there performance is pretty much the same. 

So i should go with a i5 2500k and the Asus 7950 you recommended earlier? 

This is the build : http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1evj1           Any improvements? 

I have heard overclocking a GPU is much harder than overclocking a CPU so should a get a cheaper 7950 and avoid the hassel of overclocking? Also a 7970 is the same price so is it better to get that?